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December 12, 2023
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Rashia Fisher, or more popularly known as Rah Digga, born on the 12th of December, 1972, is an American hiphop artist, actress, and model who became famous in the world of hiphop and is known to be “one of rap’s most prominent women MCs”.

So how much is Digga’s net worth? As of early 2017, based on authoritative sources it is reported to be $500,000, acquired from her years in the music industry and also her appearances in various movie and television shows.

Rah Digga Net Worth $500,000

Born in Newark, New Jersey, Digga was a pretty brilliant student. She studied at a private school in Maryland, scored 1300 on her SATs and even graduated salutatorian in her high school. She later on attended New Jersey Institute of Technology and graduated with a degree in electrical engineering.

Digga fell in love with rapping through her inspirations such as Queen Latifah and Rakim. Her passion led her to joining groups like Twice the Flavor and later on Outsisaz. While performing at the Ney York City’s Lyricist Lounge, artist Q-Tip member of the group A Tribe Called Quest saw her performance and immediately wanted to work with her. Her early years as a rapper started her career and also her net worth.

Q Tip originally planned for Digga to sign a deal with Elektra Records but it didn’t work out, Q Tip then introduced her to fellow artist Busta Rhymes and she became part of his group Flipmode Squad. Their partnership led to multiple collaborations, and it also led Digga to appear in a number of Busta Rhymes’ albums.

After joining Busta Rhymes’ group, Digga later on worked solo and released her debut album “Dirty Harriet”. The first album became a chart-topper and established her as one of the premier solo female artist of her time. The success of “Dirty Harriet” was then followed with her participation in the album “Lyricist Lounge Vol. 1”, where she sang the track “Be Ok”.

Digga intended to follow up “Dirty Harriet” with another album in 2004 called “Everything is a Story”, but it was leaked on the internet. After that in 2010, she released a new album entitled “Classic”. Her albums also helped further her career and raise her net worth.

Her outstanding career in music gave her plenty of nominations in various award giving bodies like the MTV Video Music Award, the BET Award and the BET Hip Hop awards. She later on was able to win an award for Best Collabo in the 2006 BET Hip Hop Award for the song “Touch It (remix).

Aside from music, Digga also acted a little and appeared in movies like “Da Hip Hop Witch”, “Thirteen Ghosts”, and MTV’s “Carmen: A Hip Hopera”. She was also featured in documentaries including 2003’s “Queens of Hip Hop” and 2009’s “Say My Name”.

Today, Digga is still active in the music industry and releases songs through her iTunes, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp account.

In terms of her personal life, Digga was married to Dewayne Battle, more popularly known as Young Zee, who was also a hiphop artist. The two got divorced but has one daughter together named Sativa.

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