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February 27, 2023
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Born as Alaina Marie Beaton on the 1st October 1985, in Detroit, Michigan USA, Porcelain Black is a musician, singer, songwriter and dancer, known to the world for incorporating several music genres in her songs, including rock ‘n’ roll, pop, dance and industrial, and has come to prominence through her collaboration with Lil’ Wayne, and other musicians including Jack White and Travis McCoy, among others.

Have you ever wondered how rich Porcelain Black is, as of late 2017? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Black’s wealth is as high as $1.5 million, an amount earned through her successful career in the music industry, active since 2006.

Porcelain Black Net Worth $1.5 Million

Porcelain spent her early years in Royal Oak, a suburb of Detroit, living with her mother, who worked as an accountant, and father who was a hairstylist. She grew very fond of her father who would often take her to his salon, and along to photoshoots and fashion shows as well. However, her parents divorced when Porcelain was only six years old, and after her mother remarried, Porcelain had to live with her, which included a move to Rochester. There, she went to Bishop Foley Catholic High School but was expelled after being embroiled in a fight with other students. She credited her raging behavior to her father’s cancer diagnosis – he later passed away from the illness, and Porcelain’s problems with anger management became worse. She was expelled from two more schools, and then ran away from home. Her problems became deeper as she started using drugs and begging for money to survive.

She came into contact with the rock band Armor for Sleep, and went on tour with them, during which time she was approached by one of many talent managers who told her to find him in Los Angeles when she is 18 years old.

When the tour ended, Porcelain headed back to Detroit, cleaned herself up, and once she turned 18 took a trip to Los Angeles. Porcelain signed a contract with Virgin Records, under the name Porcelain and the Tramps. However, she couldn’t come to an agreement with her supervisors at Virgin Record, and after some time she left the record label. Nevertheless having made several recordings, she posted them on MySpace service, and in no time gained a massive following, while she also became sought-after by several musicians, including Courtney Love and The Used. Meantime, she also co-wrote the song “How Do You Love Someone?” with Billy Steinberg and Josh Alexander, so contributing to Ashley Tisdale’s second album “Guilty Pleasure”, and to her own net worth.

Porcelain continued making her way in the music industry, collaborating with many musicians, but also recording her own material, releasing her debut single in 2011 – “This is What Rock n’ Roll Looks Like” – through 2101 Records, an imprint of Universal Records, through which she was introduced to Lil Wayne, who immediately took her under his wing, and Porcelain then became a part of Wayne’s tour-  I Am Music. She released another single in 2011, entitled “Naughty Naughty”, which reached No. 6 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart, and a further single followed three years later, entitled “One Woman Army”. Unfortunately, Porcelain had a number of disagreements with her producer RedOne, and left 2101 Records.

Porcelain is currently working on her debut album “313”, which will be in stores late in 2017; Porcelain has so far released one single from the album, entitled “Hurt”.

Regarding her personal life, Porcelain was married to Bradley Soileau, a model, from 2012 until 2014. She has apparently remained single since her divorce.

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