Theresa Caputo Net Worth

June 27, 2023
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Theresa Brigandi was born on 10 June 1966, in Hicksville, New York State USA. Known under her married name of Theresa Caputo, she is one of the most popular television personalities nowadays, claiming to have an innate gift of being a medium. She is best known for her participation in the reality TV show called “Long Island Medium”. People can believe her talent or not, but she has managed to attract millions of followers worldwide, apparently giving everyone the possibility to communicate with their deceased beloved ones. By working on TV and as a medium, Theresa has earned enough money to be in the same line with other American millionaires.

So just how rich is Theresa Caputo? As for today, it has been estimated that Theresa’s net worth is equal to at least $2.5 million. The reality show goes on so as her revenues continue to grow.

Theresa Caputo Net Worth $2.5 Million

Theresa claims that she started contacting spirits in her early childhood. However, a four-year-old girl was unable to identify why was she having migraines and anxiety attacks and how was it connected to her possible gift. While growing up, Theresa started studying spirituality, which eventually led her to a better understanding of and communicating with the spirits. Thanks to Pat Longo, who was her mentor, Caputo started using her abilities to help people at the age of 35.

Apart from her natural talent, Theresa has always been known for her bubbly personality. She is always smiling and definitely attracts people with her warm manner of communication. People who strive to have the possibility of communicating with their deceased loved ones, are spending hundreds of dollars to meet Caputo either personally, or through participating in one of her group readings.

Theresa debuted in the “Long Island Medium” reality show in 2011. As for today, she takes part in the seventh season in a row, featuring based in New York, but by travelling around the area while meeting with clients. Caputo has definitely became one of the most spoken about personalities not only in the USA, but worldwide. Her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts are drawing millions of followers.

Every success story has its ups and downs, and so has that of Theresa. Even though she has become one of the most famous psychics, there are still many skeptics who not only claim her to be a charlatan, but also accuse her of fraud. Different investigators declare that the only talent Caputo has is the one of cold reading.

Not only does her job seem to help hundreds of people, but Theresa has also managed to earn an impressive amount of money. According to sources, one reading session with Caputo costs around $100 and her schedule is full for the next three years. Not to mention that one season of “Long Island Medium” show adds $400,000 to her net worth.

In her personal life, Theresa Caputo has been married to Larry Caputo since 1990, and the couple has two children, Larry and Victoria. All the members of Theresa’s family are actually taking part in her reality shows, which adds even more credibility to her career as a medium. Viewers from all over the world have the possibility of following her everyday routines by simply turning on their television.

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