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July 12, 2023
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Philip Franchini Jr. was born 1 December 1985 in The Bronx, New York City USA. He is a perfect example of how social networks are powerful in helping a person to become famous and wealthy, because as Philip DeFranco, or simply PhillyD, Philip he is a well-known video blogger who has launched his own channel on YouTube and is now a highly paid professional.

So just how rich is Philip DeFranco? It has been recently estimated that Philip’s net worth reaches $1 million, with his wealth having been accumulated thanks to the videos created and posted online by him.

Philip DeFranco Net Worth $1 Million

Being a former student of three different universities, including South Florida, then Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College and finally the University of East Carolina, Philip probably created some problems for his father while he was younger. A story about DeFranco living in a car, because of his failure to get back to college, and having a disagreement with his father because of it might seem funny and made-up, but is most probably true.

Philip started making videos while he was still at university and working as a waiter in different restaurants. He launched his first YouTube channel “sxephil” in 2007, presenting “The Philip DeFranco Show” with the simple idea of expressing his thoughts (often satiric) on current news, events, gossip and other stuff, generally under that internet nickname “PhillyD”.

DeFranco is among the very first bloggers who has managed to create a successful career on YouTube. Just to make sure how incredible his online work is, it is enough to mention that his channel impressively counts over three million subscribers around the world, and that Philip’s videos have been watched over one billion times. Enough to make him own 79th place among most subscribed YouTubers. As if it’s not enough, DeFranco has received five awards during his online career. Of course, his net worth had grown with his popularity.

In 2013 Philip sold his channels “The Philip DeFranco Show” and “SourceFed” to Revision3, Discovery Network’s subsidiary. It was a good deal for DeFranco, as he became one of the executives of these well-known Internet television networks. He has also taken a senior vice president’s position of the new subsidiary of Revision3, Phil DeFranco Networks ad Merchandise.
Finally, later in that same year Philip gave a start to yet another channel, called “ForHumanPeoples”.

People are usually skeptical enough about success stories made literally online. However no doubts are left when numbers speak for themselves. Thanks to his talent, Philip DeFranco has already earned a solid net worth, which by the way is certainly the subject of growth.

In his personal life, Philip DeFranco is married to Lindsay Jordan Doty, who is fully engaged in her husband’s activities. One of the most popular episodes of “DeFranco Loves Dat AZ” show was the one where Philip actually proposed to her publicly. Today, they have a son Philip Trey DeFranco III and live in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles.

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