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Philip Heath was born on 18 December 1979, in Seattle, Washington USA. Phil is a well-known bodybuilder, who is famous for winning the “Mr. Olympia” contest. What is more, Phil has participated in such contests as “NPC Junior Nationals”, “New York Pro Championship”, “Arnold Classic”, “IFBB Iron Man” and others. In addition to his career as a bodybuilder, Phil is also interested in wrestling and has his own sports nutrition company. Heath is now 35 years old and he still continues participating in various bodybuilding competitions and engaging in other activities related to bodybuilding.

So how rich is Phil Heath? It is estimated that Phil’s net worth is $5 million. The main source of this sum of money is clearly Phil’s successful appearances in various bodybuilding competitions and high results that he has achieved during his career. Of course, his other activities also add a lot to Phil’s net worth.

Phil Heath Net Worth $5 Million

Phil attended the Rainier Beach High School, where he became interested in basketball and became quite good at this game. Later he continued his studies at the University of Denver studying IT and business administration, and where he also played in university’s basketball team. Phil did not want to stop and limit himself with only playing basketball, and that is why he started training hard and focused on bodybuilding. Of course, it required a lot of effort and determination as Phil had to train fintensely in order to achieve good results.

In 2005 Heath participated in his first competition, winning “The Rocky Mountain NPC USA Championship”. One year later Phil showed even greater results and was able to win such contests as “The New York Pro Championship” and “The Colorado Pro Championships”. This had a huge impact on the growth of Phil’s net worth. In 2008 Phil won another important contest, “Iron Man” and participated in the “Arnold Classic”, in the same year. In 2011 Phil won one of the most important competitions, “Mr. Olympia” and this made his net worth a lot higher. Since that time Phil has defended his title of “Mr. Olympia” three times, which has made him one of the most famous and acclaimed bodybuilders.

After winning this title, Phil received more and more invitations to appear in various magazines, and he has even released several bodybuilding DVDs. Some of them include “The Gift”, “Becoming the Number 13”, “Journey to the Olympia” among others. These videos have also added a lot to Heath’s net worth. As mentioned, Phil established his own company, “Gifted Athletics”, which is now known as “Gifted Nutrition”. It is clear that Phil is a very active person and that he will always find new activities to take care of.

If to talk about Phil Heath’s personal life, it can be said that in 2007 Phil married Jennie Laxson. All in all, Phil Heath is a very successful and popular bodybuilder, who has achieved the best results during his career and is only continuing to work hard in order to achieve even more. His determination and hard work is a perfect example to many people.

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