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March 6, 2023
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Paulina Garcia Alfonso, born on the 27th of November 1960, is a Chilean actress, playwright and theatre director, who as Pali Garcia became known through her work in “Los Titeres”, “Cachimba” and “Gloria”.

So how much is Garcia’s net worth? As of late 2017, authoritative sources estimated that it is over $600,000 dollars, acquired from her years working in film and on television and stage which now spans well over 30 years.

Paulina García Net Worth $600,000

Born in Santiago, Chile, Garcia’s passion for acting started at an early age which led her to pursue it in college. She studied theatre arts at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, and graduated with a degree in theatre arts, and subsequently with a diploma in theatre direction and writing.

In 1983, Garcia debuted in Catholic University’s theatre production of “¿Dónde estará la Jeanette?” – her performance earned her an APES Award for best actress. Some of the other notable productions she has been involved in include “Carino Malo”, “The Trojan Woman” and “Las Analfabetas”. Her years in theatre certainly helped set up her career and was the basis for her net worth.

Along with her success in theatre, Garcia also dived into the world of television, and in 1984 debuted in “Los Titeres”, which was followed by “La Villa”, “La Invitacion”, “Los Venegas” and “El Milagro de Vivir”, all adding steadily to her net worth.

After years of enjoying success as an actress, Garcia then moved on to directing, and in 1996 directed “El Continente Negro” for which she received a nomination from APES Award for best director. It was then followed by “Lucrecia Y Judith”, “Recordando con ira”, and “Anhelo del Corazon”. Her work as a director also helped her career, and so increased her wealth.

With her years in acting and directing, Garcia decided to share her passion, and taught acting at the University of Chile’s theatre school, and also at the University for Development, and University for the Arts, Science, and Communication. She also founded the Theatre Directors Association.

In 2002, Garcia finally made her debut in film and starred in “Tres noches de un Sabado”, followed by “Cachimba” in 2004 and “Casa de Remolienda” in 2007. But it was her work in the film “Gloria” in 2013 that gained her much acclaim; she received the Silver Bear for Best Actress at the Berlin International Film Festival for her performance in the film.

More recently Garcia has appeared in the movies “Little Men” and “The Desert Bride”. She also appeared in the hit Netflix TV series “Narcos”, playing the role of Hermilda Gaviria, so she is still in demand and her net worth is still rising.

In terms of her personal life, Paulina Garcia has been married to Gonzalo Salamanca since 1994, and together they have two children, Maria Gracia and Camilo. She was previously married to Juan Carlos Zagal.

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