Paul Molitor Net Worth

March 3, 2023
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Paul Leo Molitor was born on 22 August 1956, in Saint Paul, Minnesota USA, and is known as a former Major League Baseball (MLB) player who played for several teams including the Milwaukee Brewers and the Toronto Blue Jays, and as of today works as a baseball manager.

So just how rich is Paul Molitor, as of late 2017? Authoritative sources report that Molitor’s net worth is as high as $700,000, is accumulated from his over a decade long career as a baseball player and subsequently as a baseball manager.

Paul Molitor Net Worth $700,000

When it comes to Paul’s education, he matriculated from Cretin High School, and was then selected in the 28th round as a free agent by the St. Louis Cardinals, but completed his degree at the University of Minnesota, starting for the uni’s Golden Gophers for three years, earning All American honors duiring his sophomore and junior years as a shortstop. In the meantime, he suffered a jaw injury which somehow caused him to lose 40 pounds.

When it comes to Paul’s MLB career, he started off playing for the Milwaukee Brewers as a shortstop, moving to second base after that. During his debut season, Molitor batted .273 with six home runs in his total of 125 games. During the next season, he appeared on the field in 140 games with a .584 average at bat and 62 RBI, improving his performance even further. In 1980, he scored 137 hits and his approximate RBI was 37. During that season, Paul suffered an injury, and continued getting injured on the field quite often which resulted in him being on the disabled list six times between 1980 and 1986. He had an elbow injury in 1984 and played in only 13 games during that season, which was eventually treated with surgery in attempt to retrieve his career. In 1987, he caught the attention of the media with a 39-game hitting streak.

Paul remained in the Milwaukee Brewers for the total of 15 seasons, and then joined the Toronto Blue Jays as a free agent, reportedly offered a $13 million-worth three-years contract. His debut season was 1993 season, which he finished having played in the total of 160 games ,with 77 RBI and a batting average of .332. Having spent the obligatory three seasons with the Blue Jays, he went on to join the Minnesota Twins in 1995, finally playing for his hometown team, and spent the final three seasons of his career there, recording his 3,000th hit with them. In 1996, Molitor was the second 40-year-old to have a 200-hit season. During his last playing season, he made 126 field appearances, scoring 69 RBI and an average of .281.

Despite retiring as a baseball player, he continued his involvement in the sport as a manager and coach. As a matter of fact, he remained in the Minnesota Twins team in that position, and was considered a possible candidate to manage the team. However, he declined that opportunity and went on to serve as a hitting coach for the Mariners in 2004. After that, he joined the Twins serving as a minor league fielding and base-running instructor for another eight years. In 2014, he was introduced by the Mariners in a press conference, and began as their manager in 2015.

When it comes to his personal life, Molitor has a troubled past as an ex drug addict. Having learned from his experience, he visited several schools where he taught children about the bad effects and dangers of drug use. He has been married twice, to Linda Kaplan from 1981 until 2003, and to Destini since 2004. He has one daughter from his marriage with Linda, but fathered another child from an affair with Joanna Andreou. Destini and Paul have two children together.

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