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December 23, 2023
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BENCHED -- "Pilot" Episode 101 -- Pictured: Oscar Nunez as Carlos -- (Photo By: David Moir/USA Network)

Oscar Nunez is an actor and comedian, born on 18th November 1958 in Colon, Cuba, and is best known for his roles in “The Groundlings” and later NBC’s “The Office”, in which he portrayed the character of Oscar Martinez. He is also the creator and a cast member of the Comedy Central series “Halfway Home”. Another notable appearance includes the comedy TV series “Benched”.

Have you ever wondered how rich Oscar Nunez is? According to sources it has been estimated that Oscar Nunez’s overall net worth is $3 million, acquired through a successful acting career, which started in the early 2000’s. Oscar has mostly appeared in TV series, although he has had some notable film appearances which added to his wealth, and since he is still active in the entertainment industry, his net worth continues to grow.

Oscar Nunez Net Worth $3 Million

Oscar was born in Cuba, but his family soon moved, first to Venezuela and then to the US, firstly to Boston when he was two years old, but then to Union City, New Jersey two years later. Nunez is bilingual in English and Spanish, and was educated in various fields. He attended the Parsons School of Design, then the Fashion Institute of Technology and even studied at the Magna Institute of Dental Technology, and became a certified dental technician. However, his acting career started by performing with “The Shock of the Funny” theater company, for more than 300 shows. At the same time, he appeared in theatres in Washington, D.C. and New York, before finally moving to Los Angeles in the mid-‘90s, where he joined “The Groundlings” and started acting in their Sunday Company. It was during this time that he wrote and starred in a production called “Smooth Down There”.

Oscar attended Warner Brothers Comedy Writer’s Workshop in 1997, and two year later he was an ABC Latino Writers Project finalist. Although his most important role was in “The Office”, some of his other notable television appearances include the TV series such as “Reno 911!”, “Malcolm in the Middle”, “The District”, “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and “Mad TV”, and Nunez served as the executive producer and creator of the series “Halfway Home”, in which he also portrayed the character of Eulogio Pla, adding steadily to his net worth.

Apart from his television career, Oscar has also had experience as a film actor, appearing in movies such as “The Italian Job”, “When Do We Eat?”, “The Proposal” and “Prosecuting Casey Anthony”. In 2010, Nunez was one of the judges in the Miss USA Contest, during which he was booed by the audience for asking one of the contestants a question about the illegal immigrant law in Arizona. When it comes to his more recent activity, he appeared in the comedy series “People of Earth” on TBS in 2016.

Privately, Oscar has been married to actress Ursula Whittaker since May 2011, and the two have a daughter.

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