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March 26, 2023
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Olivia Black is a model and a former reality television star, probably best known to the public from appearing in the reality TV series ‘’Pawn Stars’’. Her birth date was apparently 16 October 1982, in the USA, but her actual  birth place is unknown.

So just how rich is Olivia Black as of late 2017? Sources estimate that her net worth is over $800,000, accumulated from her career as a model, and as a reality television star which she began in 2011. In addition, she is a businesswoman.

Olivia Black Net Worth Under Review

Olivia was educated at Calvert High School from 2001 until 2004. Black then became a pinup model for a website called SuicideGirls, applying for the job in 2008 and having two gigs in the following year.

In 2011 she was hired to work at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop – the shop works 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Additionally, she was featured in the reality television show ‘’Pawn Stars’’, broadcast on the History Channel; the show is primarily focused on the shop, its staff and the interaction between staff and their customers. It eventually became one of the most successful shows that has ever been broadcast on the History Channel.

In 2011 the ‘’Pawn Stars’’ team was looking for a new co-worker, and Black was favored by Chumlee and Corey, based on her attractiveness – the team reviewed the applicants in the episode ‘’Learning the Ropes’’, and Olivia was later interviewed by the owners of Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, Rick Harrison and his father Richard Harrison, known as ‘’The Old Man’’. She made her first appearance in the episode entitled ‘’Crosby, Stills and Cash’’, which originally aired on 16 January 2012. Olivia’s training began in ‘’Less Is More’’, and her co-star and colleague, Chumlee, voluntarily helped her learn more about her new job; Olivia is shown working night-shift with him. In the same episode, ‘’The Old Man’’ shows concern that Chumlee is working double shifts, solely because of his attraction towards Olivia. At that time, the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop had an inventory of more than 12,000 items, most of which were jewelry pieces. However, Black’s career as a reality star ended in the same year, after it was discovered that she had done nude photo shoots in the past. First off, she was only fired from the show, but remained working in the shop. Shortly afterwards she was fired from the shop as well.

There were certain rumors regarding her release from the shop, however, Rick Harrison stated that he didn’t fire her, but the production company did. There are no hard feelings between Black and her bosses, as she stated on her official Facebook page saying ‘’The tears have dried and the smiles have returned, I’m fortunate to have worked for ‘Pawn Stars’ at all’’. She started a petition on Change.org in order to get back on the show. Despite that, her agents are allegedly suing the production house behind the show; the lawsuit is worth $5 million.

Black subsequently returned to SuicideGirls and continued modeling for them, and as of today she is still  employed by the company. Besides that, she is the founder and CEO of Miss Olivia Black LLC, which is still in its early days but seems likely to boost her net worth.

When it comes to Olivia’s personal life, she’s actually a proud lesbian, and is married to Chef Maria. She uses social media often, and has a following of 32,000 on Twitter. She describes herself as a vegan.

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