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January 20, 2023
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LAS VEGAS, NV - NOVEMBER 08: Comedian J. Anthony Brown arrives at the Loreal Style Stage at the Soul Train Awards 2012 at PH Live at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino on November 8, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Bryan Steffy/Getty Images)

James Anthony Brown was born in Columbia, South Carolina, USA. He is a comedian and actor, probably best known for his appearances in a number of films and TV series, including “Drumline” (2002), “Like Family” (2003-2004), “Think Like a Man” (2012), “The Rickey Smiley Show” (2013-2014), etc. He is also known as a fashion designer, as he has his own clothing line. His career has been active since the late 1990s.

Have you ever wondered how rich J. Anthony Brown , as of 2017? It has been estimated from sources that the overall size of Brown’s net worth is $3 million, which has been accumulated during his successful career in the entertainment industry. Another source of his wealth is coming from his own line of clothing.

J. Anthony Brown Net Worth $3 Million

Before he became a comedian, J. Anthony Brown wanted to become a clothing designer, however, he signed up for a comedians show in the local bar in Atlanta “Mr. V`s Figure Eight”, and in no time began to perform regularly at the aforementioned bar, and for the next two years.

Before the end of the 1980s, he moved to Los Angeles in order to pursue a career in television, and soon after found a job as a writer for the “The Arsenio Hall Show”, which increased his net worth by a large degree. In the next five years, it became the main source of his net worth, until he started writing for such TV series as “Me And The Boys”, and “Parenthood”, among others.

When it comes to his career as a comedian, Brown has performed in such shows as “Def Comedy Jam”, “An Evening at the Improv”, “Oprah Winfrey Show”, and “It’s Showtime at the Apollo”, which collectively increased his net worth by a large margin.

To speak further of his accomplishments, Brown has also proved himself as an actor, starting with his role in the TV series “Me And The Boys” (1994-1995), and in 1997 he made his film debut in “How To Be A Player”. Before the end of the 1990s, Brown, made appearances in such TV series as “Living Single” (1995-1997), “Moesha” (1997-1998), and “The Hughleys” (1999), among others.

With the 2000s, his career reached a whole new level, securing roles in such productions as “Drumline” (2002), “Like Family” (2003-2004), “Mr 3000” (2004), all of which increased his net worth. In 2005, he appeared in the film “XXX: State OF The Union”, alongside Samuel L. Jackson and Willem Dafoe, among others, and four years later, he featured in the film “Madea Goes to Jail”.

Furthermore, Brown appeared in “Think Like a Man” (2012), and “The Rickey Smiley Show” (2013-2014) and most recently, he appeared in the film “Not Another Black Movie” (2016), all of which increased his net worth.

Thanks to his successful career, Brown received several prestigious awards, including the Peabody Award and NCAAP Award.

Apart from his successful career in the entertainment industry, Brown is also a businessman, as he is the owner of several clothing stores, including The J. Spot Clothing Store, The J. Anthony Brown Comedy Store, the J. Anthony Brown Collection, which are based in Los Angeles and represent yet another source of his wealth.

Regarding his personal life, little is known about J. Anthony Brown in the media. As both of his parents passed away from diabetes, Brown established the J. Anthony Brown Foundation, which helps people diagnosed with the desease.

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