Oj Da Juiceman Net Worth

May 13, 2023
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Otis Williams, Jr. was born on 23rd November 1981, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Known professionally as OJ Da Juiceman, he is a rapper, songwriter and actor, noted as the founder of vanity label “32 Entertainment”.

Have you ever wondered how rich OJ Da Juiceman is? According to sources it has been estimated that OJ Da Juiceman’s net worth is over $2 million, acquired largely by recording numerous mixtapes as well as publishing a successful album. Other than that, he has founded his own label which only adds to his net worth.

Oj Da Juiceman Net Worth $2 Million

Otis was brought up by his single mom in Atlanta, Georgia. However, when he was a teenager, he met rapper Gucci Mane who lived in the same apartment buildings, and the two later started collaborating in rap music, and Otis took his stage name of Juiceman to become more noticed as his music career began with “Never Again Records”. He soon continued with the foundation of his own label, 32 Entertainment in 2007, after teaming up with Gucci Mane, who had been the CEO of “So Icey Entertainment”, after releasing more than a dozen mixtapes which were hosted by various DJs. Upon the foundation, he signed to “Asylum Records” and started working on his debut album “The Otha Side of the Trap”, a mixture of both new tracks he had written and previous releases. It included singles such as “I’m Getting Money” and “Make Tha Trap Say Aye” featuring Gucci Mane. His net worth was improving steadily.

Apart from his solo work, Juiceman also collaborated with other artists, and was on Jadakiss’s single “Who’s Real”, and R. Kelly’s “Supaman High”. He also made a new mixtape called “Alaska in Atlanta”, which he produced with DJ Holiday. It was decided that the name of his second album would be “The Otis Williams Jr. Story”, but after an internet feud that OJ had with Gucci Mane, he announced that the album would be released digitally on his birthday in 2013. In the meantime, Juiceman released a few mixtapes, while promoting label 32 Entertainment. His most recent one is “6 Ringz 2” which was released in March 2013, and featured other artists such as Young Scooter, Gorilla Zoe among others. Since the creation of his own label, Juiceman has released six mixtapes and has been featured on numerous others, mostly of underground production.

Some of his most recent activities include the release of the “Alaska in Atlanta 2” mixtape in February 2014 which was hosted by DJ Holiday. The “32 Entertainment” still operates independently.

When it comes to his private life, OJ has had quite a stormy one. In 2004 he was shot eight times which left him with a lifelong limp; nevertheless, he still decided to perform on stage that same week. Other than this, there are no other known details about his private life, as he prefers to keep it away from the eyes of the public.

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