Nikkie De Jager (NikkieTutorials) Net Worth

March 6, 2023
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Nikkie de Jager was born on the 2nd March 1994, in Wageningen, North Brabant, Netherlands, and is a YouTube personality, best known to the world for posting hair and make-up tutorial videos on her YouTube channel, Nikkie Tutorials.

Have you ever wondered how rich Nikkie de Jager is, as of late 2017? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Jager’s wealth is as high as $1.9 million, an amount earned through her successful career, active since 2008.

Nikkie de Jager Net Worth $1.9 Million

Like most Nederlanders, Nikkie speaks excellent English, in her case with a deliberate American accent to satisfy her subscribers, but apart from that, little is known about her formative years or schooling.

Back in 2008, when she was home and sick, out of boredom she started watching the MTV show “The Hills”. Amazed by the looks of Lauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge and Heidi Montag, she soon searched YouTube for “The Hills Makeup”, and quickly found many other YouTube make-up tutorial channels, and dazed by their success, she decided on opening her own, and so set up her YouTube channel, NikkieTutorials. She uploaded her first video that year, when she was still just 14 years old, and since then her popularity has only risen, to the point where she now has close to eight million subscribers and has accumulated more than 645 million views of her offerings. Her most viewed video is “Power of Make-up”, which has received more than 15 million views, while her “FULL FACE USING ONLY HIGHLIGHTERS Challenge” has more almost 10 million views, and the video entitled “Boyfriend Does My Makeup” has also attracted close to 10 million views. Her YouTube popularity has not only increased her net worth to a large degree, but also opened doors for the further development of her career.

Such a chance appeared as early as 2010, when she was contacted by Pascale Tesser of the B Academy, Amsterdam, a professional make-up artist and tutor, while in 2011 she became a part of the “Colourfool Agency”, through which she was involved in several enterprises that also increased her net worth, including Hollands & Benelux’ Next Top Model, and Miljoenenjacht & The Face, among others. However, after three years, and having become the head makeup artist for the show “I Can Make You a Supermodel”, Nikkie left the agency, and branched out to start working on her own.

Aside from tutorials, Nikkie has also been featured in several magazines; she was the cover girl for the Fashionista magazine in June 2014, adding to her exposure as well as net worth.

Thanks to her outstanding accomplishments, Nikkie was recognised as one of the most successful Dutch vloggers in 2016, and was also awarded the Teen Choice Award in the category Fashion Beauty Web Star.

Regarding her personal life, Nikkie is in a relationship with Rick Smit, but there are no further details about their relationship. Also, other aspects of Nikkie’s life remain hidden from the public media.

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