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December 20, 2023
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Nick Cokas was born on the 11th April 1965, in San Francisco, California USA, and is an actor and producer who is most famous for his work in the post-production department of Zalman King’s “Wild Orchid”, a 1989 erotic drama featuring Mickey Rourke and Carré Otis in the leading roles. Apart from being an ex-husband of actress, singer and songwriter Katharine McPhee, Cokas is also known for his appearance in 2005 ABC’s Sci-Fi TV series “Invasion.”

Have you ever wondered how much wealth Cokas has accumulated so far? How rich Nick Cokas is? According to sources, it is estimated that the total size of Nick Cokas’ net worth, as of early 2017, exceeds $4 million – including assets such as a 2013 Jeep Wrangler – acquired largely through his professional career in the movie making industry, as well as from a lucrative divorce from McPhee – he received $350,000 from her music contracts, $400,000 annually for spousal support, over $102,000 for court expenses as well as half of her acting fees.

Nick Cokas Net Worth $4 million

Cokas attended the University of California from which he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. His first professional engagement occurred in 1989 when he became the “behind-the-camera” crew member – a post-production assistant – of “Wild Orchid”. The 1989 erotic drama happening in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, follows the life of a young woman who gets mesmerized by a self-made millionaire. This engagement provided the basis for Nick Cokas’ net worth.

In 2005, Nick Cokas had a small, side role in the sci-fi television series “Invasion”, in which he appeared in two episodes of its first and (so far, who knows?) only season. In 2006, Nick Cokas met Katharine McPhee while they were both starring in a theatrical production of “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir” stageplay in Los Angeles. Despite the 19-year age difference, they began dating later that year. Nick is probably the one most responsible for McPhee’s appearance in the fifth season of the nationwide popular reality show – American Idol, in which she managed to reach the finals and finish as runner up. Apart from all this, Cokas has also appeared in the globally popular musical “Mamma Mia”. It is certain that these acting roles helped Nick Cokas to significantly increase his net worth.

Apart from all these, Nick Cokas is the founder of the Zenith Film Group production company, which has certainly helped him to further increase his net worth.

Nick and Katharine married in February 2008, at the Cathedral of Saint Vibiana in Los Angeles, and the ball for 305 guests was held in Beverly Hill. However, after six years of marriage, McPhee filed for divorce after a one year-long separation, finalized in February 2016.

Alongside his now ex-wife, Cokas was involved in several charities including Rhythm of Hope – original music program for sick kids as well as McPhee Outreach foundation. They have also built two schools in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Despite their split, Cokas and McPhee maintain a friendly relationship, and Nick is still serving as the director of McPhee’s charity organization.

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