Nabila Haniss Net Worth

April 18, 2024
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Nabila Haniss was born on 22 October 1965, place unknown, and her claim to fame has been as a TV celebrity, appearing several times in the reality show “Storage Wars”,  which is based in Southern California.

So how rich is Nabila Haniss? The worldwide-known entrepreneur has a net worth estimated by sources to be as high as $10 million; Nabila’s participation in the hit TV show “Storage Wars” has been the main source of Nabila Haniss’ current wealth, in addition to her actual business.

Nabila Haniss Net Worth $10 Million

Nabila Haniss is one of the reality, ordinary stars of “Storage Wars”, which started airing in 2010 on the A & E network. The show has been well received, and has consequently brought great revenues to the total amount to Nabila Haniss’ net worth. For the record, this show has now aired for six seasons, and has been followed by spin-off shows named “Storage Wars: New York” and “Storage Wars: Texas”. The subject of this show is auctioning the contents of storage lockers, the rent of which has not been paid for three months by the person or company which contracted to use them. Auctioneers sell to the highest bidder on the day at a public auction. What brought fame to Nabila was buying the contents of a storage container which had been the property of Paris and Nicky Hilton – apparently the sisters did not know that their property was going to be sold at auction. As Nabila is such a great entrepreneur, it is not surprising that later on she reportedly managed to sell this property for $10 million after posting an auction on the internet, which of course Nabila was delighted to broadcast to the world, thereby increasing her fame as well as her net worth. The anonymous purchaser created the website named, on which all the Hilton’s property was posted, including very personal/private items such as diaries, photographs, details of bank accounts, etc. Unsurprisingly, the Hiltons sued Haniss, but withdrew the suit as Nabila was not responsible for the website, whose owners apparently reside outside of the US, so the site cannot be eliminated.

It is certainly true that for her contribution to the show, Nabila was acknowledged as the best team member, plus being attractive, funny and competitive, and has a lot of appeal to a broad audience, through which she also achieved international fame and recognition. Cast member Dave Hester claims that Nabila is very determined, successful and he considers her to be his biggest competitor on this show. It is known that Nabila considers him to be a good friend, although this relationship is still rather obscure. Nabila joined the cast of “Storage Wars” in its second season, and showed up in five episodes that season. Following her success on the show, Nabila appeared in more episodes in the next season. Undoubtedly, an ability to buy valuable items and to sell them for a higher price boosted the total amount of Nabila Haniss‘ net worth, as also has her continued appearance on TV. It is true that Nabila despises the regular buyers. She even calls them a travelling circus.

In her personal life, Nabila has been married since 1986 to her high school boyfriend – name unknown – and lives in Culver City, California.

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