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March 11, 2024
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Robert Gilliland Beckel was born on 15 November 1948, in New York City USA, and is a political pundit and analyst, and former political operative, best known for his time on Fox News Channel, where he co-hosted the show called ‘The Five.’ He was dismissed from the show in 2015 following months of recovery from a back surgery. Today, he works with CNN as a commentator and analyst.

Do you want to know how rich Bob Beckel is? Bob is one of the most popular and successful political analysts in the US. He has a net worth estimated by sources to be more than $10 million, as of early 2016. He has earned most of his wealth working as a political commentator on TV shows, most importantly on Fox News Channel’s ‘The Five.’ In the past, he also earned a lot of money working for CNN, where he co-hosted ‘Crossfire Sunday.’

Bob Beckel Net Worth $10 Million

Bob Beckel was raised in Lyme, Connecticut by Ellen Gilliland Beckel and Cambridge Graham Beckel. He attended Wagner College located in Staten Island, from where he graduated with a BA. While in school, he used to play football and was a very active member in debates. In 1968, he had an opportunity to exercise his talent, campaigning for presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy. On completing college, he travelled to the Philippines, where he served as a volunteer in the Peace Corps. He stayed there from 1971-1972 and later joined George Washington University as a politics professor.

In 1977, Bob Beckel was offered an opportunity to become the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Congressional Relations under the US Department of State. He made history, becoming the youngest deputy assistant to have worked in the Carter administration. Due to his impressive work, he received an appointment the following year to work as a Special Assistant to the President, which required him to handle legislative affairs, and in particular he worked on ratification of Middle East treaties and Salt II. His net worth was well established.

Beckel entered politics in 1984 when he was offered a chance to become the presidential camping manager for Walter Mondale. This campaign gave him the popularity he needed thanks to slogan ‘Where’s the beef?’ which centered on Mondale’s opponent, Gary Hart. Towards the end of that year, he formed a consulting firm called Bob Beckel & Associates.

Beckel had tremendous success in politics the following years, and in 2002 he had another opportunity to campaign, although this time not for a presidential nominee but a Senator, Alan Blinken. By 2005, he started contributing as a columnist for the newspaper USA Today. He made a brief appearance on TV in 2010, joining Monica Crowley, his fellow Fox News analyst, in the “24” season eight premier. In 2011, he was invited by Fox News to be one of the hosts of ‘The Five,’ which he co-hosted for 708 episodes before the TV network announced that he he would leave because he had missed many episodes while recovering from back surgery. In 2015, Bob joined CNN after making a full recovery, where he continues to offer expert opinion and commentary on elections. He is paid very well for his contribution on CNN, and is expected to increase his net worth significantly with time.

Bob Beckel has had his share of controversies in his career. In 2002, it was alleged that he hired a woman who he paid $300/hr to visit his home. Days later, an extortionist left a note on his car’s windshield and a voice message, demanding $50,000, failure to which, he would make his illegal activates public. Montgomery police investigated the matter and tracked down the extortionist. Some of hois on-air comments have also caused some controversy, but he continues to broadcast.

In his personal life, Bob Beckel married Leland Ingham in 1992, and had two children with her before she filed for divorce following the above-mentined incident. Bob is also on record admitting that he was a drug addict and an alcoholic, but has worked on the addiction to make a full recovery.

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