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December 25, 2023
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Jerold Dwight Ellis III was born on the 18th October 1974, in Oakland, California USA, and under his stage name Yukmouth, is a rapper who started his musical career as a member and founder of the group The Luniz. He also released his first solo album “Thugged Out: The Albulation” in 1998, and has appeared in several feature films too, including “Original Gangstas” (1996) directed by Larry Cohen. Yukmouth has been active in the entertainment industry since 1993.

How rich is the hip hop artist? It has been calculated by authoritative sources that the outright size of Yukmouth net worth is as much as $3 million, as of the data presented in the early 2017. Music is the main source of his wealth.


Yukmouth Net Worth $3 Million

Initially, Yukmouth was a founding member of The Luniz, which he formed as a duo with Numskull, a friend he met in high school. In 1995, the band released their first album “Operation Stackola”, which contains the famous track “I Got 5 On It”, which was a worldwide success. In 1997, Yukmouth alongside Numskull, Chaka Khan, Charlie Wilson and others were nominated for the Grammy Award as the Best R&B Performance by a Group for their song “Stomp” (1997). In 1998, Yukmouth went solo with the double album “Thugged Out: The Albulation”, which is characterized by aggressive lyrics; the album reached 8th place on the Billboard R&B chart, and 40th place on the Billboard 200. This was followed by a second album – “Thug Lord: The New Testament” (2001) – which reached 71st place on the Billboard 200, but his third album “Block Shit” released the same year, was not that successful. Regardless, his net worth was rising steadily.

Yukmouth is also co-founder and member of the hip hop band The Regime, also known as The Smoke A Lot Regime. At the end of 2006, Yukmouth was again in touch with Numskull to launch a new official studio album with The Luniz, but in 2008, Yukmouth released his fourth studio album “Million Dollar Mouthpiece”, which peaked in 46th position on Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. Afterwards, he released the studio albums “The West Coast Don” (2009), “Free at Last” (2010), “(The Tonite Show) Thuggin’ & Mobbin’” (2010), “Half Baked” (2012), “GAS (Grow and Sale)” (2014), “Dragon Dynasty” (2014) and “JJ Based on a Vill Story” (2017) which failed to enter the charts. Overall, all the aforementioned albums have added sums to the total size of Yukmouth’s net worth.

Yukmouth gradually became a very active rapper on the West Coast. What characterizes Yukmouth, apart from the gangsta style, are the conflicts with other rappers, to whom he addresses many of his songs. He attacked Master P, saying that the latter plagiarized the title “Ice Cream Man”. Moreover, he had a conflict with Dru Down, his mentor, because of the formation of Dangerous Crew. Later on, they reconciled, then recorded several tracks together.

Finally, in the personal life of the hip hop artist, Yukmouth does not reveal much about his private life, but tt’s known that he is still single.

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