Mr Nightmare Wiki: Real Name, Face, Youtube Earnings, Age, Bio

January 21, 2024
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Who is Mr Nightmare?

Mr Nightmare is an American YouTube star, who achieved fame through the video-sharing platform by creating horror-centered videos, sharing dark and disturbing stories about events, objects, and people.

Mr Nightmare Bio: Real Name, Age, Childhood, and Education

Born Tyler Benjamin Ventura on 2 May 1992 under the Taurus zodiac sign, in New York City, USA, he’s very secretive about his family, and hasn’t shared the names of his parents and information about whether he has any siblings or not.

He grew up in his hometown and attended a local school, but as he got older, realized that he had to change something, and moved out from his house to live in Boston, Massachusetts.

Career Beginnings

Mr Nightmare launched his channel in 2014, while his first video entitled “5 Creepy-Ass True Stories” came out soon afterwards, about several people who experienced horror situations in their lives, and now has just under three million views.

He wasn’t very active in the first year of his career, but during the second year, Mr Nightmare became more active and began showing fans of horror some of the unknown stories from around the world.


New videos followed frequently and his popularity started to increase, which encouraged him to focus even more on a YouTube career, with such videos as “Scary True Pizza Delivery Horror Stories”, “Scary Craigslist Horror Stories”, “Terrifying True Stories” turned into series over time.

Rise to Prominence

Mr Nightmare remained mysterious for some time, and avoided revealing his face – fans only knew him by his voice. This also added to his popularity, as everybody waited for him to show his face, even make a tiny mistake in his videos and accidentally show his identity.

Mr Nightmare has gone on to become a world star without ever showing his face. However, there is a photo of who is believed to be him, but he’s never confirmed it.

Since launching his channel, Mr Nightmare has uploaded over 240 videos on the topic of horror, and now has over 5.5 million subscribers on his official channel, with his videos having been viewed around 870 million times.

His videos about various horror situations have made him one of the most popular YouTubers with similar content, and since obtaining international fame, he’s collaborated with several YouTubers, such as Rob Dyke, MyCreepyPasta, Trendify, CreepyNews, and Lazy Masquerade among others.


Some of his most popular videos to date are “3 Creepy True School Lockdown Stories”, which has been viewed more than 25 million, then “3 True Lockdown Horror Stories”, which has over 11 million views, then “10 Nightmarish Animals you will be Happy are Extinct”, which also has just over 11 million views, followed by “10 Dumbest Decisions in Horror Movies” viewed just over nine million times, and “8 True Halloween Horror Stories to Make Your Skin Crawl”, which is a collaboration video with YouTuber MrCreepyPasta, and has just under nine million views, among many other videos that have increased his popularity.

Net Worth, YouTube Earnings

According to sources, Mr Nightmare’s net worth has been estimated to be around $2.5 million, as of early 2022, earned through his successful career as a digital content creator.
The reports state that Mr Nightmare has around 400,000 views per day, which is in YouTube earnings around $3,000 a day.

Personal Life, Dating, Girlfriend, Single?

In more than 240 videos that he has uploaded, Mr Nighmare hasn’t talked about himself in any of them. Due to his secrecy, there is no reliable information about the YouTube star and all we can do is speculate.

Various sources state that the YouTube star is single and focused on his career.


Appearance and Vital Statistics

The prominent YouTuber has light brown hair and green eyes. He stands at a height of 5ft 8ins (1.73m), while he weighs approximately 150lbs (70kgs). His vital statistics are unknown, while he has an average figure.

Hobbies, Interests, and Trivia

An avid traveler, Mr Nightmare still resides in New York City, while he’s visited numerous USA states – his favorite destination in the U is the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

He is a huge animal lover, and has two pet dogs, but the names of his favorite animals are currently unknown.

His favorite musicians are Ed Sheeran and The Lumineers, while his favorite actors are Johnny Depp and Natalie Portman, while he loves spending his free time watching horror films, such as “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street”, and “Leon: The Professional”, and many others.

Mr Nightmare takes great care of his health and looks, and sometimes doesn’t get out from the gym, while his diet consists of healthy foods, and has cut out all fast food.

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