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April 29, 2023
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Deborah Gaither was born on the 1st January 1970, in Georgia, USA, and is a reality television personality who rose to fame after appearances in the series of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” (2012 – present). This is the most significant source of Momma Dee wealth, as prior to working on television she earned for a living doing various jobs like nursing, catering, singing, modelling and even pimping. Momma Dee has been active in the entertainment industry since her appearance on television in 2012.

How much is the net worth of Momma Dee? It has been reported that the current wealth of television personality is as much as $250,000, as of the latest authoritative data given in mid-2016.

Momma Dee Net Worth $250,000

To begin with, Momma Dee graduated with a degree in nursing, and worked as a nurse full time. The idea to start a brothel came to Momma Dee’s head after she was confined to bed following a car accident and could not do her previous job – she got struck by a drunk driver and did not have another source of income, so she started a brothel in order to provide for her two children. It took her three years to get out of her bed and start walking with the help of crutches and wheelchair. Dee claims she started working as it was vital to run the pimping business which she was very serious about. It should be noted that she was not only involved in the prostitution business, but also she was selling drugs for more than 10 years. Her net worth benefited from both endeavours.

In 2012, she was invited to appear in the spin-off of the reality television franchise “Love & Hip Hop”, so, she signed an agreement to appear as a recurring cast member, and since the 18th June 2012 she has been seen in the series “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” aired on VH1 channel. The show focuses on the lives of men and women who are involved in hip hop music and reside in Atlanta. So far, five seasons have been released in which Momma Dee appears as Lil Scrappy’s, the rapper’s mother. Her son is also a recurring member of the cast. The reality series is directed by David Wolfgang, Josh Richards, Earl “Slick 23” Barlow and Jade Sandberg. “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” (2012 – present) owns high viewer ratings, which undoubtedly affects the overall amount of Momma Dee’s net worth and popularity. Moreover, Momma Dee revealed that soon she will appear as an author and singer. It is believed that these new engagements will also increase the amount of Dee’s net worth.

Finally, in her personal life, it is known that Momma Dee is divorced. She has two children, the previously mentioned son, Lil Scrappy and her daughter, Jasmine. Currently, she is dating former ice hockey defence man Brian McKee (who played in NHL from 1987 to 1995). As for now, he is married to Drea Kelly, but she filed for divorce; meantime, Momma Dee and Brian McKee have announced their dating status on social networking sites.

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