Mike Papac Net Worth

February 15, 2023
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Mike Papac is a logger and a reality TV personality, best known to the world for his appearance on the History Channel reality series “Ax Men” (2015-2016), together with his team Papac Alaska Logging. Unfortunately, his birth date and place have been kept from the media.

Have you ever wondered how rich Mike Papac is, as of late 2017? Unfortunately, the exact amount of Papac’s wealth is yet to be disclosed by the authoritative sources, though, thanks to the success of his logging company and their appearance on TV, it is certain that Mike counts his wealth at over $50,000.

Mike Papac Net Worth $50,000

Little is known about Mike’s background, including his birth year, place and education as well. It is only known that he worked for years at his father’s logging firm, based in Washington.

After leaving his father’s company, Mike opened his own business, called Papac Alaska Logging, with headquarters in Craig, Alaska. Little by little his business started growing, and he now has more than 30 employees and operates out of Ketchikan Island, primarily at Tonka logging site, in collaboration with Olsen Marine tug-boat company. Thanks to the success of his company, Mike was recruited by the History Channel for their reality TV series “Ax Men”, which showcases loggers in their endeavors of extracting logs from inaccessible areas. His team became a part of the show in season four, and continue to date, season nine, all of which have added to Mike’s wealth and that of his crew. However, Mike has also continued to manage successfully his logging business, further adding to his wealth.

Regarding his personal life, Mike tends to keep his most intimate details, such as marital status and number of children, hidden from the public eyes, and so far has done a great job since there is no available information about Mike, besides his professional career.

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