Miguel Cotto Net Worth

November 27, 2023
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Miguel Cotto is a successful boxer, who has fought 43 fights in total and has won 39 of them. Miguel is considered to be one of the most successful Puerto Rican boxers. During his career, he has won the WBO Light Welterweight Championship, WBA Light Middleweight Championship, The Ring Middleweight Champion and many other tournaments. Miguel is still quite young and continues his career, so there is a chance that he will even more titles in the future. If you consider how rich is Miguel Cotto, it could be said that Miguel’s net worth is $25 million. It might get even higher in the near future as Miguel is still very successful and gains a lot of acclaim.

Miguel Cotto Net Worth $25 Million

Miguel Angel Cotto Vazquez, better known to the world as Miguel Cotto, was born in 1980, in Rhode Island. Miguel started training when he was still just a little boy. His hard work allowed him to become one of the best amateur fighters. Miguel participated in different tournaments, such as “The 1998 Junior World Championships”, “Pan American Games”, “Boxing World Championship” and others. Cotto gained really good results in these tournaments and this made him more acclaimed and noticeable. Miguel Cotto’s net worth also started growing.

Despite the success he had, Miguel experienced a very serious injury in 2001. He broke his arm and that was a great threat to his career as a professional boxer. Luckily, Cottto was able to recover and came back to boxing and successfully participated in several fights. Step by step Miguel’s net worth grew. In 2004 Cotto fought with Kelson Pinto and won the World Boxing Organization Junior Welterweight Championship. Miguel was able to defend his title for more years. In 2006 he moved to the welterweight division and has won the World Boxing Association Welterweight Championship.

In 2010 he changed his division again into the light middleweight and fought there with such fighter as Yuri Foreman, Ricardo Mayorga, Antonio Margarito, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and others. In 2014 Cotto became the first Puerto Rican boxer, wo has won world titles in four different weight classes. This also added to Miguel Cotto’s net worth. If to talk about his personal life, it could be said that he is married to Mellissa Guzman and they both have 2 children. In addition to this, Cotto has one more child with another woman. Miguel is also the owner of “Promociones Miguel Cotto” and “El Angel”.

Finally, it could be said that Miguel Cotto is one of the most successful contemporary boxers. Although he is still quite young, he already has achieved a lot and is not planning on leaving boxing soon. As it was mentioned before, there is a high chance that Miguel Cotto’s net worth will become even higher. Undoubtedly, Miguel is a very hard working man and will probably win many more fights and tournaments in the future. His fans will definitely be able to see his incredible fighting skills in the near future.

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