Michael Waddell Net Worth

April 30, 2023
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Michael Waddell is  American hunter as well as a television host. He is currently the host of the TV show “Realtree Road Trips”. Also a producer of his own show, Michael has been hunting since his childhood, and has been associated with Team Realtree since 1994.

A well-known hunter who has shown prominence in reality television, one may wonder how rich is Michael Waddell now? As estimated by sources, Waddell counts his wealth at an amount of $500,000 as of early 2016. Obviously, he has managed to amass his wealth by showing his hunting skills to the world via television shows. His wins at several hunting related competitions have also earned him cash prizes which must have added to his riches.

Michael Waddell Net Worth $500,000

A country boy, hailing from the heart of North Carolina, Michael loved hunting since his childhood, and as he grew up, dreamt of earning a living by hunting. He was taught by his father to fish and hunt, and his love for these sports grew stronger and stronger, so that when he was a teenager, he started participating and competing in hunting events and competitions. Eventually, Michael won the Realtree Grand America Turkey Calling Contest which made Realtree notice his hunting skills. He was later offered work by Realtree to cooperate with them as a hunter, so in 1994, Michael joined Team Realtree, and started taking a camera along with him on his hunting journeys. At first, he was only the cameraman in the show “Realtree Road Trips” but later, he became the producer of the show, and finally it’s host.

Michael was inspired to become a hunter by looking at hardcore hunters like Fred Bear, Ted Nugent and Chuck Adams. He is also quoted as saying that he was inspired by real Americans such as the brave men and women of the Armed Forces – his quote “Do not ban guns, ban idiots” is very famous among the hunters. Being the host of “Realtree Road Trips” which airs on Outdoor Channel, Michael found fame and launched himself into the spotlight. Until today, the show has won several awards including seven Golden Moose awards, and the coveted Fan Favorite Hunting Show in the years 2005, 2007 and 2008.

In 2008, Michael was chosen as the official celebrity spokesperson for the Outdoor Channel. A year later, he started hosting his new show “Bone Collector” which showcases Michael’s love and passion for outdoors. He was also named as the official spokesperson for the National Wild Turkey Federation, which enabled him to host “Turkey Call TV”, a television show that aired on Outdoor Channel. Of course, being a part of all these successful television shows has had significance in adding to Michael’s wealth over the years.

Regarding his personal life, the 35 year-old Michael leads his life as bachelor as he enjoys his life in the wilderness, hunting, fishing and roaming around. For now, he enjoys being a prominent name on television while his present net worth of $500,000 caters to his daily life.

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