Meet the YouTuber Heidi Lavon: Age, Height, Leaks, Boyfriend

April 18, 2024
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Heidi Levon is a 36-year-old American model, podcast host, actress and social media personality, probably best known for her TikTok account, @heidilavon, on which she’s amassed over 10.4 million subscribers. Her YouTube channel, @HeidiLavon, has accrued over 350,000 subscribers.

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Early life and education

Heidi Lavon was born on 22 May 1987, in Casa Grande, Arizona, USA, but grew up in Alaska, USA, with three older sisters. Heidi has Ukrainian, Jewish, Polish and Russian ancestry – unreliable sources claim that her parents are Robert and Caprice. According to her InkAddict interview, Heidi enjoyed dancing and entertaining her family with choreographed routines of the “Barbie Girl” song and Jim Kerry’s walk in the “Ace Ventura” movie; consequently, she thought that she would become a television personality. Heidi matriculated from a high school in Fairbanks, Alaska, then returned to Phoenix, Arizona, to start her career as a hairstylist and barber in the 2000s.


Heidi started her career in the tattoo industry in the 2010s, although not as an artist. Instead, her friends, who rode skateboards and BMX bikes, took pictures of her. Scouts noticed them, and she became a tattoo model, photographer, cosplayer, and contributing writer for tattoo magazines such as Skin Art, Tattoo Magazin Hungary, Skin & Ink Magazine, and Revista Arte Tattoo & Piercing. Heidi appeared on the covers of almost all major tattoo magazines and some unrelated ones, such as the September 2020 issue of FHM.

On the “Dumb Blonde” podcast, Heidi said that she prepared modeling pictures for the SuicideGirls brand but never submitted them. She was happy in hindsight because she wanted to own her content, and fully manage her career. Heidi was also annoyed that mainstream photographers usually took a few months to send her a few photos out of the tens or hundreds that they took. Heidi admitted that she was broke in her early 20s, and mostly ate Taco Bell and bought cigarettes.

However, her modeling work caused her to become interested in acting. Consequently, she made an uncredited appearance in the reality TV show “Say Yes to the Dress” in the 2010s. Heidi then portrayed a woman-at-table in a 2017 episode of the “Portlandia” sketch-comedy series about life in Portland, Oregon, US.


Instagram and TikTok

Heidi shares her lifestyle on her Instagram account, heidilavon, with over 2.3 million followers. She primarily posts pictures of her costumes, outings with her fiancé, and collaborations with other models such as Meagan Starke and Ivory Marie. Heidi has dressed as characters from the “John Wick,” “Hotel Transylvania,” “Mortal Kombat,” and “Super Mario” media franchises.

Her hobbies include shooting guns at a range, walking the dogs that James brought into the relationship, one named Rufus, and caring for birds, which she calls ‘birbs,’ an intentional misspelling that refers to exceptional cute birds, according to She has two green parrots named Mr Kermit Beep and Peño and a light grey parrot named Peep. Peño can say 10 to 15 sentences, and knows a few tricks.

Besides the usual content, Heidi posted comedy skits, replied to followers’ questions, followed TikTok trends, and attempted various challenges via TikTok. Heidi also frequently shares her love of Mexican food, particularly tacos. Her social media following grew in February 2021 when she tested makeup that covers tattoos. In August 2022, she appeared on a billboard in Times Square, New York City, USA, drawing more attention to her online profiles.


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YouTube and Twitch

Heidi dances, works out, discusses her tattoos, and plays video games such as “Grand Theft Auto V,” “Diablo,” and “Silent Hill” on her Twitch account, heidilavon, on which she has almost 50,000 followers. She uses a $7,000 computer to stream her content, including showing her newest cosplays, notably of Pyramid Head, her favorite monster in the “Silent Hill” franchise.

Heidi posts similar content to her YouTube channel, adding before-and-after footage of creating some of her cosplay costumes, vlogs from home and vacations, and discussions of her accomplishments. She also got personal, and revealed that she has dermatophagia, a disorder that compels her to chew the skin around her fingertips.

Unnamed ex-boyfriend

In her “Tattoo Tour PT.2” YouTube video, Heidi revealed that she has one tattoo about a person, a portrait of a bearded man on her right shoulder blade. Heidi dated him for about five years before he died suddenly.


Fiancé James Marshall Ramsey

Heidi is engaged to actor, entrepreneur, podcast host and tattoo model James. They started dating on 17 March 2015, having met during a photoshoot, which was Heidi’s first time working with a male model. In the first episode of their podcast, “The Exposure Therapy Podcast,” which premiered in July 2020, she said that they spent the next three days together. Heidi stated that he was the only man who treated her ‘as an old-school gentleman would.’ He brought her flowers and made her breakfast, among other acts to impress her. The couple also said that many online sources incorrectly list 2013 as the year they met. They haven’t specified when they became engaged.

James and Heidi released 17 episodes until December 2023, during which they talked about their passions, mental issues, and business topics related to social media growth and copyright protection. Heidi used the podcast to announce that she’d been diagnosed with lymphomatoid papulosis on 29 July 2020; this non-aggressive T-cell lymphoma is an immune system disorder that creates small bumps on the skin, which sometimes erupt.

Who is James?

According to James’ official website, he was born on 5 October 1980 in Portland, Oregon to James Sr. and Leora, and has a younger brother. He matriculated from Estacada High School in Oregon, then served in the US Army for six years, during which he was stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq, and rose to the rank of sergeant.

James was honorably discharged, but just a day after he returned to civilian life, a motorcycle accident left him with severe injuries, including a collapsed lung, sheared right leg below the knee, and a shattered pelvis. Thankfully, his brother was present and used pressure to stop the bleeding. Unfortunately, the doctors had to amputate his right leg mid-thigh, and he used an artificial limb since. He told The Daily Star that he began practicing yoga and jiu-jitsu during his recovery and that losing his leg did not affect his sex life negatively.

James then enrolled at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Portland and completed his associate’s degree with honors after 18 months. After graduating, he took vocational welding classes at Portland Community College.

James’ ripped physique is almost entirely covered in tattoos, and he became a model in 2015, encouraged by photographer Michael Stokes. He’s appeared on the covers of romance novels and X-Pressions and Men Tattoos magazines, and in “Say Yes to the Dress” and “Portlandia” alongside Heidi. James has also created the mobile application SOFLETE for combat athletes and veterans.


Physical characteristics

Heidi has black hair, sometimes dyed blue, purple, and green, and dark brown eyes. She is 5ft 7ins (1.7m) tall, weighs about 143.5lbs (65kg), and has a curvy physique. Her distinctive facial features include two piercings in the corners of her eyes, ‘Faith’ tattooed above her right eye, plump lips, and stretched earlobes. Heidi got the tattoo without hesitation, as she always considered herself bold. She hasn’t regretted it, as it symbolized her religious upbringing and she remains a devout Christian. Over half of Heidi’s body is covered in tattoos, which she said are connected to movies and TV series that she watched as a kid.

Surprisingly, she hates getting tattooed, and has sensitive skin and rashes such as eczema. However, Heidi admitted on “The Dumb Blonde” podcast that she chose an addiction to tattooing and fitness as an alternative. One such addiction was to cigarettes; she smoked at least a pack a day in her 20s.

Heidi has tried several pain relief methods, including smoking marijuana. When she smoked for the first time, her pain intensified, then she forgot her wallet. That forced her to call her mom to bring her money, who wasn’t thrilled about her tattoos; Heidi also drank beer to numb the pain, then ordered Taco Bell fast food on the way home. The alcohol relaxed her too much, and she woke up a few hours later with cheese in her bra and Taco Bell all over the room.

Workouts and operations

Heidi does yoga in the morning, and has a fully equipped gym at home. Despite being in shape, in July 2023 she felt terribly sick and doctors quickly diagnosed her with chicken pox. Only two months later, perhaps due to a compromised immune system, Heidi experienced symptoms of a heart attack, which turned out to be a gallbladder infection. Thus, she had an emergency surgical operation to remove it.

Upper body tattoos

According to The Daily Star report, Heidi got her first tattoo around 2005, and by 2019 had spent about $20,000 on roughly 40 tattoos. Her throat tattoo of an hourglass with a diamond on top is the one that people usually ask about. Heidi said that she initially wanted an old-school wicker lamp, but changed her mind at the shop. The pain during the process made her sleepy, which she believed was due to her body pumping adrenaline. Below the sand clock is the phrase ‘Blessing in disguise,’ which is how she looks at unfortunate situations. Heidi wanted wings on her traps to connect the chest and throat tattoos, but her skin flared up, so the wings looked blurry; to draw attention from them, she picked a large design of a woman with a rose in her hair and a skull on her head on her left shoulder blade,

Heidi has Falkor from “The Neverending Story” movie trilogy on her right pectoral muscle (pec). Falkor is reaching for the frozen heart on fire on her left pec; the heart is based on the cover of the “A Snow Capped Romance” 2004 album by metalcore band 36 Crazyfists. Heidi also has a butterfly across her upper stomach.

Arm tattoos

On her left bicep, Heidi has a jellyfish surrounded by sharks that stretch from her shoulder to her elbow. Heidi regrets not planning an intricate tattoo sleeve to represent various ocean inhabitants, so the artist had to connect them. Heidi chose that theme because she was equally fascinated and scared of the ocean.

Heidi has an octopus surrounded by sharks on her right bicep. Across her shoulder and triceps, she has Alaskan forget-me-nots and rodents and a lady wearing a fox head cap, all reminding her of the US state where she was raised. On her right forearm, she has a blue crow.

Heidi also has an Eskimo on the top of her right hand and a mermaid on the top of her left hand. Heidi learned that she was allergic to the Sharpie that the artist used when creating stencils for those two. Consequently, her wounds healed slowly and showed signs of an infection.

Moreover, Heidi has a bowtie on the thumb of her right hand and ‘One ring to rule them all,’ a reference to the “Lord of the Rings” movies and books, stretching from the thumb to the index finger of her left hand.


Lower body tattoos

Heidi’s favorite tattoo is a realistic representation of Chucky from the “Chucky” movie franchise on her outer left thigh. Her favorite movie is “Bride of Chucky,” released in 1998. It introduced Jennifer Tilly, one of her favorite actresses.

Heidi has a girl with an umbrella holding a parrot on her left side and a killer bear or wolf with a katana below it. Heidi also has identical black-and-white octopuses on both hamstrings and a substantial black-and-white jellyfish covering most of her right butt cheek. Heidi intended to have traditional Japanese fans on both hips but only tattooed the one on her right hip.

She has a portrait of a beautiful black-haired girl on her left thigh and another of a girl from the profile on her right. Furthermore, she has a bug with large pincers on her left knee, an eagle in flight on her right shin, and a girl similar to the one on her right thigh on her right shin. Heidi also has a photorealistic tattoo of Peño on the top of her left foot. The big black panther beside a black rose on her thigh is her only cover-up tattoo; she wanted to hide one of her earliest pieces, a terrible tattoo of Jason Vorhees’ hockey mask from the “Friday the 13th” movies.

Net worth

Heidi Lavon has a net worth of about $2.5 million. She sells explicit and cosplay-related media content on her OnlyFans accounts @heidilavon, for which she charges from $9.99 monthly. Similarly, for Twitch video streams.

Heidi also earns a commission for items, mainly cosplayer clothing and footwear, that she recommends on her Amazon Shop. According to Social Blade analytics, her YouTube channel brings in a minimum of $3,100 monthly; Heidi earned as much as $600,000 in 2023 from it. Furthermore, some podcast supporters pay $5 per month via Patreon to help James and Heidi with production costs.

Heidi has utilized some of her wealth in 2023, to pay an architectural company from Phoenix to build her a custom house away from the city. On her podcast, she said that a dilapidated house from the 1800s, full of asbestos, was on the land, so they demolished it. Her new house has a loft, but Heidi never climbs to it because she’s afraid of heightsIn March 2021, Heidi bought a dark grey Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro Series SUV.

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