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April 18, 2024
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Who is Braydon Price?

Having shot to online fame as a YouTuber, Braydon Price is a content creator born on 24th August 2000 in Monroe, North Carolina, USA. Standing tall at 6ft 3ins (1.90m) and weighing about 200lbs (91kgs), Braydon has had an active internet presence since August 2013, and has accumulated almost 700 million video views since.


Hunting, motorsports and fishing have always been Braydon’s favorite pastimes. Sharing his passion for dirt bikes with the world, the then-adolescent uploaded his first video, “The Dirt Bikes (what we will be riding)”, in early 2014. Other early uploads include titles such as “H2 Target Explosion!! Remington model 700 (243)” and “Riding Dirtbike’s At Jordan’s House!!! (Episode – 3)”.

Winning viewers over with his warm personality and no-frills videos, it didn’t take Braydon long to become a YouTube star. Although his recording and editing skills improved with time, fans are still fond of vintage uploads such as “Old Man Threatening Dirtbike Rider’s (Episode – 7)”.

Switching between biking and fishing content (see “Bassin With Jesse! And A Snapping Turtle?”), Braydon later went to the popular off-road racetrack Dirt City, and shared videos of the experience. Viewers were also kept entertained with videos of the social media personality purchasing new dirt bikes…. and crashing them

To date, Braydon’s most popular videos are “Buck Comes Back After Being Shot By Bow Hunter!!”, “DIRT BIKERS CHASE DOWN TRESPASSER!!”, and “Old Man Tries To Kick Kids Off Their Own Land!”.


In fact, the ‘old man’ videos seem to be a running gag, as a video featuring the same senior citizen entitled “The Return of Larry!” has been seen almost three million times.

Despite his popularity, Braydon is no stranger to collaborating with like-minded content creators and talented individuals. The YouTuber teamed up with Hailie Deegan, a female racing car driver in March 2021 – see “Hailie Deegan SUNK MY FOUR WHEELER!”. Shortly afterwards, he uploaded another video entitled “Hailie Deegan IS BACK │ REDEMPTION TIME”. Needless to say, both videos were enormously popular amongst viewers.

Personal Life

Braydon’s fame and popularity have led to his love life being scrutinized by fans and detractors alike over the years.

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His ex-girlfriend, Maddie, was a popular feature on his YouTube channel from 2019 onwards, and cute videos of the former couple include “Challenging my GIRLFRIEND TO A SHOOT OFF! Loser goes SWIMMING!”, “GIRLFRIEND Finds INSANE Stuff in WOODS!”, and “INSANE FIRST DAY IN THE KEYS! Spear Fishing, Free Diving & JET SKIS”.

Despite the pair’s chemistry, romantic vacations, and shared personality traits, Braydon and Maddie’s relationship ended on a bad note due to the YouTuber’s alleged problem with drink and drugs. Some salacious online sources state that Braydon went to jail for trying to kill his then-girlfriend after a particular bad fight, although the reports were never confirmed.


On 6th July 2021, Braydon uploaded “I WAS ARRESTED! THEY TOOK ME TO JAIL! *NOT CLICK BAIT*”, which has since been seen over 600,000 times. However, the incident had nothing to do with domestic violence, but rather for vandalizing an abandoned property. Taking the arrest in his stride, Braydon began selling ‘jail edition’ shirts on his website, after the video of him being handcuffed went viral.

As for a possible new love interest, Braydon is deciding to separate his personal life from his YouTube channel following his low-key split from Maddie, although he was rumored to be dating the relatively unknown TikToker @jordansvibe. Maddie herself doesn’t seem interested in becoming a social media personality.


As is the case with most content creators, Braydon is no stranger to controversy. Animal rights activists often speak out against the YouTuber’s hunting videos, which have been viewed millions of times and show Braydon hunting hogs, bucks, and turkeys.

In the past, Braydon’s hobbies have also landed him in hot water with his neighbors. In fact, in mid-2021 one disgruntled neighbor called the police on Braydon for making too much noise while riding his dirt bike. The social media star and his friends were also caught by police while riding an abandoned golf course on four-wheelers; similarly, Braydon was close to being arrested after riding his bike in another neighborhood, many of his videos feature onlookers threatening to call the police.


3DMachines, a popular YouTuber who enjoys fishing and off-roading, linked up with Braydon in 2021 for a video entitled “Pissing off the Neighbors (A COP)…FT Braydon Price”. As both content creators have a combined one and a half million subscribers, some comments accused them of being bad influences on young viewers. Luckily for Braydon, he’s managed to steer clear of more serious scandals over the years.

Associates & Net Worth

Braydon is a down-to-earth individual who’s kept the same group of friends since childhood, despite meeting new people along the way.

Julius Hildreth and Logan Jackson are two such friends who have made numerous appearances in some of Braydon’s most popular videos, while famous pals of the North Carolina native include Andrew Flair, an influencer and small fish catcher, and Christian Lee, an aspiring YouTuber.

Thanks to his varied streams of revenue, Braydon is able to spoil his nearest and dearest and give them the lifestyle they deserve. The YouTube star is known to be generous, and enjoys buying his friends and family gifts they’ll enjoy, such as dirt bikes.


So exactly how much is Braydon worth as of early 2022? Reliable sources confirm that the dirt bike rider has amassed a seven-figure fortune, and is currently worth an estimated $1.7 million from partnerships, a popular merchandise line, and his YouTube channel. Via online algorithms, fans have calculated that Braydon earns approximately $1.21 per 1000 views – in fact, his estimated earnings for the month of August 2021 alone came in at $17,300.

Despite spending plenty of money on his hobbies, Braydon leads an otherwise frugal lifestyle, and isn’t a fan of designer clothes or expensive jewelry; the YouTuber’s wise money management means that his net worth is set to increase significantly in 2022.

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