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November 29, 2023
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Mark A. Driscoll was born on 11 October 1970, in Grand Forks, North Dakota USA, and is an evangelical Christian pastor and author, best known for co-founding the Mars Hill Church, in which he served as the pastor for 18 years.

A somewhat controversial pastor, how rich is Mark Driscoll? According to sources in early 2017, Driscoll has amassed a fortune over $3 million, his net worth established during his ministry career, as well as through publishing numerous books.

Mark Driscoll Net Worth $3 Million

Driscoll childhood was in a Roman Catholic family in SeaTac, Washington, along with his four siblings. He attended Highline High School in Burien, and upon matriculating in 1989, he enrolled at Washington State University, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech Communication. He later obtained his Master’s degree in Exegetical Theology from Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon.

Driscoll became an evangelist in his freshman year at WSU, and after graduation he moved to Seattle, and worked as a volunteer at Antioch Bible Church, later being hired as an intern.
In 1995, along with Mike Gunn and Lief Moi, he founded Mars Hill Church, which was officially launched the following year as a home Bible study. The church grew rapidly, especially after Driscoll’s speech at a pastors’ conference in California about changing focus from reaching Generation X to reaching the postmodern world. In 1999, the weekly church attendance grew to 350, and Driscoll began to receive a salary as a full-time pastor. His popularity reached a high level, and his net worth started to grow.

In 2003 the church relocated to the Ballard area of Seattle, and began adding new locations too; in 2009 it launched four new churches, and by 2014, had 15 locations in five states, with an estimated regular attendance of 14,000.

Meanwhile, in 1998 Driscoll co-founded the Acts 29 Church Planting Network, which helped to launch 410 new churches by 2011, not only in the USA but worldwide too. In 2006 he founded a ministry called Resurgence, offering church leaders resources in conservative reformed theology. He has also founded a few other parachurch organizations, such as Churches Helping Churches and The Gospel Coalition. Serving as the church’s main preaching pastor and the principal authority, president of Acts 29 and of The Resurgence, the church’s public face and an international traveler to hold speeches, Driscoll was collecting a sizable income and his net worth was rising.

In 2007 he proposed changes to the bylaws, granting indefinite terms of office to executive elders. When two of the church’s pastors disagreed with this proposal, Driscoll fired them, and not long after, the church’s co-founder – Lief Moi – left, discontented with the new structures Driscoll was launching. These structural changes were the beginning of wider unrest that would later arise, but Driscoll’s popularity continued to grow, being reinforced by Forbes naming him as one of the nation’s most prominent and celebrated pastors, and Preaching magazine selecting him as one of the 25 most influential pastors of the previous 25 years.

However, by 2014 Driscoll’s ministry had become highly controversial, mostly due to his unconventional ways and dubious methods. Soon, demonstrations at the Mars Hill Church Bellevue campus took place, in which dozens of protesters called for his resignation, accusing him of plagiarism and bullying, squishy book-promotion ethics, and also questioning how church finances were really spent. Several days later, both Driscoll and Mars Hill Church were removed from the Acts 29 membership, on grounds of his ungodly and disqualifying behavior. He then took a six-week hiatus from ministry, after which a letter by Mars Hill pastors appeared, urging him to step down from all aspects of ministry; shortly after, Driscoll announced his resignation, and a year later, Mars Hill Church dissolved.

Driscoll eventually moved to Phoenix, Arizona and in 2016 opened a new church, The Trinity Church in Scottsdale, and has served as the Senior Pastor there, to date.

Driscoll is also the author of numerous books. He has also written for CNN, Fox News, and The Washington Post, and has been featured as a columnist in The Seattle Times.

When it comes to his personal life, Driscoll has been married to Grace Driscoll since 2002. The couple has five children.

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