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June 7, 2023
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Marissa Ann Mayer, commonly known as Marissa Mayer, is a famous American engineer, computer scientist, as well as a businesswoman. To the public, Marissa Mayer is perhaps best known as the CEO of the multinational Internet Corporation called “Yahoo!”. Founded in 1994 by Jerry Yang and David Filo, the company has grown to become one of the most popular websites in the United States, with more than 700 million visits every month. Among the many services that “Yahoo!” provides are a web directory called “Yahoo! Directory”, a community-driven Q&A site known as “Yahoo! Answers”, a free email service “Yahoo! Mail”, as well as video sharing, social media, and advertising to name a few. Mayer was named the CEO and president of “Yahoo!” in 2012, and has been successfully holding the position ever since.

A well-known businesswoman, how rich is Marissa Mayer? According to sources, Marissa Mayer’s net worth is estimated to be $350 million, most of which she has accumulated due to her involvement with the “Yahoo!” company, as well as other ventures. Among Mayer’s more valuable assets are her Chanel Bag, which costs $4,000, cashmere cardigans for which she paid $54,000, as well as glass artworks, which cost her $15,000 per piece.

Marissa Mayer Net Worth $350 Million

Marissa Mayer was born in 1975, in Wisconsin, United States, where she studied at Wausau West High School. Mayer proved to be a talented student, and was especially skilled in biology, physics and chemistry. She also took part in various school activities, including the debate team, pom-pom squad, and even became the president of the Spanish club. When she graduated from high school, Mayer enrolled in Stanford University, and intended to become a neurosurgeon, but switched her major to symbolic systems instead.

Mayer graduated from Stanford University with a Bachelor of Science, as well as Master of Science degrees. She then became an intern for the Stanford Research Institute, and later joined the “Google” company, where she worked as an engineer. Mayer’s position and importance grew in the company, as she was given the position of a product manager, and then became the Director of Consumer Web products. Over the years, Mayer has been a key figure in such “Google” projects as a free news aggregator called “Google News”, a product search website “Google Shopping”, “Google Books” and “Google Images” to name a few. Mayer contributed further to the “Google” company by establishing a recruit program called “Associate Product Manager”, which has helped many talented people, including Justin Rosenstein and Bret Taylor, secure a job at the company.

Mayer left “Google” in 2012, when she was appointed the CEO of the “Yahoo!” company. Over the years, Mayer has become one of the most influential women in business, as ranked by “Fortune” magazine.

In regards to her personal life, Marissa Mayer used to date Larry Page, who co-founded “Google”. In 2009, she married Zachary Bogue, with whom she has a child. Her son, Macallister Bogue was born in on September 30th of 2012, several months after she was named the president and CEO of “Yahoo!”.

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