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December 18, 2023
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Mario Matthew Cuomo was born on 15 June 1932, in Queens, New York City USA, to Andrea and Immacolata Cuomo, grocery store owners of Italian descent. He was a Democratic politician, best known for serving as the Governor of New York from 1982 to 1994.

A noted politician, how wealthy was Mario Cuomo? According to sources, Cuomo had acquired a net worth of over $10 million, established largely during his tenure as governor.

Mario Cuomo Net Worth $10 Million

Cuomo grew up in Queens the youngest of three children, and where he attended New York City P.S. 50 and St. John’s Preparatory School. He later enrolled in St. Jones University, but became a professional baseball player, being recruited by the Pittsburgh Pirates to play with its minor league team, the Brunswick Pirates, as a center fielder. However, after suffering a head injury, he quit baseball and returned to St. Jones University, obtaining his BA in 1953. He then enrolled in St. John’s University School of Law, graduating in 1956.

After completing his education, Cuomo became a law clerk with the New York state Court of Appeals judge. He eventually went into private practice, joining a small law firm in Brooklyn. In the early ’60s he began teaching law at St. John’s Law School.

His political career started by representing a community group in Queens in their legal battle with the city, which planned to replace their houses with a new high school. Earning a reputation as a skilled orator and arbitrator, he went on to represent other community groups in their legal issues, scoring victories and becoming a recognized figure. Suggestions to enter public service followed, and in 1974 Cuomo ran for Lieutenant Governor of New York, but lost to State Senator Mary Anne Krupsak, however, the following year he was appointed Secretary of State of New York. His net worth began to rise.

In 1977 Cuomo ran for Mayor of New York City, but was defeated by Edward Koch. However, a year later, he was elected as Lieutenant Governor of New York State.

In 1982 he entered the race for the Governor of New York, facing Edward Koch once again. This time he won the elections, becoming New York’s 52nd governor and an extremely popular political figure. He went on to win re-election in 1986, defeating Republican Andrew P. O’Rourke, and again in 1990, defeating Republican Pierre Andrew Rinfret, breaking the state record for the percentage of votes received for governor. Aside from boosting his popularity, Cuomo’s governor status considerably added to his wealth. He ran for a fourth term in 1994, but lost to Republican George Pataki. Although he was pushed to run for the presidential nomination several times, Cuomo declined each time.

During his tenure as governor, Cuomo achieved numerous accomplishments that earned him high praise. He pushed for balanced budgets, the enactment of sweeping fiscal reforms and lower taxes, strengthening the economy and re-vitalizing education, health care and infrastructure. He improved roads, created a large homeless assistance program as well as programs to deal with illnesses, and wrestling with two recessions. Under Cuomo, the state prison system greatly expanded and the assistance to local law enforcement agencies was greatly increased, in order to reduce crime.

Known for his excellent oratory skills, Cuomo surely made a name for himself, a name that will live on. He also established a considerable fortune. During his post-political career, he wrote many inspirational books and essays, and gave numerous speeches across the country. He also hosted a radio call-in show in New York City.

In his private life, in 1954 Cuomo married Matilda Nancy Raffa, with whom he remained until his death from heart failure in 2015. They had five children together, among them their son Andrew Cuomo, who has been the 56th Governor of New York, their other son Chris Cuomo, who is a CNN television journalist, and their daughter Margaret, a known radiologist, author and philanthropist.

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