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April 23, 2023
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Shamele Mackie, known professionally as Papoose, was born in 1978, in Brooklyn, New York USA, of Liberian-American descent, and is a successful rapper, perhaps best known for releasing his studio album called “The Nacirema Dream” and also for working with DJ Kayslay. Although his career began in 1998, he only released his first full album in 2013. Despite this fact, he is still creating music and will probably release more albums in the future. If this will happen, then Papoose will become more popular and acclaimed as a musician.

Papoose Net Worth $200,000

So how rich is Papoose? It is reliably estimated that Papoose’s net worth is $200,000, the main source of his wealth being his career as a musician. There is no doubt that this sum will grow in the future and Papoose will become more noticeable in the music industry. Let’s hope that soon we will be able to hear more about him and his work.

Papoose’s career as a musician began in 1998, when he worked together with Kool G Rap on the latter’s album entitled “Roots of Evil”. One year later Papoose released his single, called “Thug Connection”/”Alphabetical Slaughter”. This was the time when Papoose’s net worth began growing. Soon he started releasing mixtapes and soon even won the Justo Mixtape Award for Best Underground Artist. In 2006 Papoose signed with “Jive Records” and this had a huge impact on the growth of his net worth. Later Papoose had an opportunity to work with Busta Rhymes and Mavado. As mentioned, Papoose released his first album, “The Nacirema Dream”, which gained very positive reviews and added a lot to Papoose’s net worth. Soon after releasing his first studio album, Papoose released the mixtape, called “Hoodie Season”. Papoose is planning to release another album and mixtape in 2015, so there is a high chance that they will also become very successful and popular.

Talking about Papoose’s personal life, it can be said that in 2008 Papoose wanted to marry Remy Ma, but she was sentenced up to 25 years jail on being convicted of various charges following a shooting, and the couple had to marry in prison. Remy was released from prison in 2014 and now the couple live together. Papoose has a daughter named Dejanae Mackie.

Papoose is also involved in charity work, including visiting sick children and donating to causes such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and to various Hurricane Katrina charities.
Let’s hope that Papoose will gain more fans in different parts of the world and his name will become more recognizable.

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