Lynda Weinman Net Worth

February 25, 2023
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Lynda Susan Weinman, born on the 24th of January 1955, is an American entrepreneur, instructor, and author, who became famous in the world of technology for her company and website

So how much is Weinman’s net worth? As of early 2017, based on authoritative sources it is reported to be over $280 million, acquired from her years working in web and graphic design, as an author, and as a business woman.

Lynda Weinman Net Worth $280 million

Weinman didn’t actually start in the field of web or even design. When she was in college, she studied humanities at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. Immediately after graduation, she delved into the world of retail, and opened two stores in Los Angeles; Vertigo on Melrose and Vertigo on Sunset. Although the stores earned for a few years, in 1982 they closed, but despite the unfortunate ending of her early business ventures, they still helped in her wealth.

Weinman became interested in computers when a former boyfriend brought home an Apple II. She decided to teach herself on how to use the unit, and read the entire manual. Soon, she was teaching digital media and motion graphics at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. She also worked at Dreamquest as an independent contractor in animation and special effects. She became part of the team that worked on movies like “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure”, “Star Trek V: The Final Frontier”, and “RoboCop 2”. Her years working in web and graphic design changed her career completely, and tremendously helped her net worth.

In 1995, she wrote a book entitled “Designing Web Graphics”, which has since become one of the most popular books in web design. Her book is also credited as the first book to discuss the subject from a visual design perspective rather than a very technical one.

That same year, Weinman together with her husband started The couple’s goal originally was to provide a free website for Weinman’s student to get resourced for her class. In the following years, the website grew into an online platform where thousands of members can access hundreds of tutorials and resources about various technology and software courses. The growth of made Weinman one of the most well-known persons in the world of software and technology, and also raised her net worth.

After getting huge funding and even acquiring companies like video2brain and Compilr, in 2015 Weinman sold to LinkedIn for $1.5 billion, hence her net worth.

Aside from being a businesswoman, Weinman also became a faculty member in schools like UCLA, San Francisco State University, and the American Film Institute. She has also authored a number of books and contributed to magazines over the years that also helped in her career and net worth.

Today, she serves as a board member in various groups and companies like Santa Barbara International Film Festival, Lotusland, The Evergreen State College Foundation Board of Governors & Trustees, and New Media Magazine among others.

In terms of her personal life, Weinman is married to Bruce Heavin, and together they have one child.

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