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March 20, 2023
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Lukas Graham is a Danish band formed by Lukas Forchhammer, born on 18 September 1988 in Copenhagen, Denmark and his band mates Mark Falgren and Magnus Larsson. As of today, the band is best known for their self-entitled album, released in 2012.

So just how rich is Lukas Graham as of late 2017? According to authoritative sources, the singer of the band, Lukas Forchhammer has net worth of $10 million, with their wealth being accumulated from their career in the previously mentioned business.

Lukas Graham Net Worth $10 Million

The band was founded in Denmark in 2011, and began their career by uploading videos of songs such as ‘’Drunk in the Morning’’ and ‘’Criminal Mind’’, which were also shared on Facebook. By the time they had released music professionally, the band was able to sell 17,000 tickets for their forthcoming tour, which was certainly a significant accomplishment. Subsequently, they went on to make their first release, which was only available in some European countries, and during 2012 the band performed at 107 concerts and sold 40,000 tickets in their home country alone. In 2013, Lukas Graham continued touring Europe and additionally held the Grøn Koncert, supporting muscular dystrophy research.

In late 2013, Lukas Graham was rewarded with European Border Breakers Award, being recognized for their international European tour. Besides that, they started working on the project of bringing their music to the US, and thus signed a deal with Warner Bros. Records. In 2014, Lukas Graham spent time in Los Angeles, where they worked on writing new music, which would later be released on their debut US album, released in 2015 entitled ‘’Blue Album’’, which featured songs such as ‘’Mama Said’’, ‘’Strip No More’’ and ‘’7 Years’’, with the latter achieving notable success worldwide, being their breakthrough hit and topping the international charts in countries such as Denmark, Italy, Austria, Belgium and Sweden. The band went on to perform ‘’7 Years’’ in ‘’Jimmy Kimmel Live!’’ and ‘’Conan’’, and also in ‘’Late Night with Seth Meyers’’, ‘’The Ellen DeGeneres Show’’, ‘’Good Morning America’’ and ‘’The Late Late Show with James Corden’’, all activities enhancing their net worth.

The music video for the song was uploaded during the same year, and as of today, it has been viewed more than 624 million times, which is certainly a big accomplishment for the band.

When it comes to their private lives, Lukas Graham shares a fair amount of information with its fans, having an Instagram account which is followed by an army of half a million fans. Additionally, the band is active on other social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, and is followed by over 200,000 and 550,000 people respectively. Forchhammer is in a relationship with Marie-Louis, with whom he has a daughter named Viola Forchhammer. The couple often posts pictures together, and his girlfriend shares a lot of photos of their daughter on Snapchat. Lukas is also the writer of ‘’Off to See the World’’, which can be heard in ‘’My Little Pony: The Movie’’, made in 2017.

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