Lou Ferrigno Net Worth

May 4, 2023
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Lou Ferrigno is a well known actor, retired bodybuilder and also a fitness trainer. When he was a body builder, Lou won IFBB Mr. Universe and IFBB Mr. America. In his career as an actor, he is best known for appearing as “The Incredible Hulk”, and in such shows as “Hercules”, “I Love You, Man” and others. Lou suffers from hearing loss, but despite this fact, he is still working hard and continuing his acting career.

So how rich is Lou Ferrigno? It is estimated that Lou’s net worth is $2 million. Of course, the main source of this sum of money is his career as an actor and he still continues to appear in different projects. That is why there is a chance that Lou Ferrigno’s net worth will continue to grow.

Lou Ferrigno Net Worth $2 Million

Louis Jude Ferrigno, known as Lou Ferrigno, was born in 1951 in New York. When he was only 13 years old, Lou started training and considered Steve Reeves as his role model. Lou studied at St. Athanasius Grammar School and later at Brooklyn Technical High School. In 1969 Lou participated in IFBB Mr. America and won this competition. Later he had an opportunity to work with Arnold Schwarzenegger and there was even a documentary made about him trying to beat Arnold. This documentary was called “Pumping Iron” and helped Ferrigno become a lot more famous. Despite the fact that Lou became more and more successful, he still had to work as a metal worker in order to gain enough money for a living. Later, Lou also participated in other competitions, then in 1996 he decided to retire from his career as a body builder.

In 1977 Ferrigno had begun his career as an actor. He gained the title role in the TV series called “The Incredible Hulk”. This added a lot to Lou’s net worth. In 1983 Ferrigno appeared in the television show called “Trauma Center”. He also acted in the movies “The Incredible Hulk” and “Hulk”. In 2009 he got the role in “I Love You, Man”, where he worked together with Jason Segel, Rashida Jones, Jane Curtin, Paul Rudd, Andy Samberg and others. This movie also made Lou Ferrigno’s net worth grow. In addition to this, Lou has his own company, called “Ferrigno Fitness”, which sells fitness equipment. Recently he has worked on such movies as “The Avengers” and also on the upcoming movie “Avengers: Age of Ultron”. What is more, during his career, Lou has appeared on covers of different magazines, including “Flex”, “Strength & Health”, “Iron Man” and others. This has also had an effect on the growth of Lou Ferrigno’s net worth.

In his personal life, Ferrigno has three children and now is married to Carla Green.

Lastly, it could be said that Lou Ferrigno is a really successful actor and fitness trainer. Now he is more concentrated on his acting career and will probably appear in more movies and television shows in the future. As long as he will continue working Lou’s net worth will also grow.

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