Blair Parry-Okeden Net Worth

August 31, 2023
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Blair Parry-Okeden – nee Cox Anthony – is a businesswoman and a billionaire heiress, who was born in 1952 in Honolulu, Hawaii. She is best known as the granddaughter of James M. Fox, the founder of Cox Enterprise media conglomerate, whose family’s share she inherited after her mother’s death.

Have you ever wondered how rich Blair Parry-Okeden is? According to sources it has been estimated that Blair Parry-Okeden’s overall net worth is $9.3 billion. Blair’s astounding wealth came largely from the 25 percent of Cox Enterprise company’s stake which she inherited. Since this conglomerate is still very active in business, her net worth continues to grow on a yearly basis. As she is now nan Australian citizen consequent to her marriage, as of early 2016 she is ranked as the richest person in Australia,

Blair Parry-Okeden Net Worth $9.3 Million

Born into a relatively wealthy family, Blair grew up to be a very private and introverted person, despite her enormous inheritance. Parry-Okeden’s mother, Barbara Cox Anthony, was the co-founder of the La Pietra Hawaiian School for Girls, which Blair graduated from. In her years after graduation, she trained to become a teacher. In 1989 Blair wrote a children’s book named “Down By The Gate”, about Australian native animals applying for a job on a farm. This turned out to be her biggest public outing, considering the strict privacy she maintains to date. Her grandfather, James M. Cox founded Cox Enterprise in Dayton, Ohio after purchasing the Dayton Daily News in 1898. Her grandfather even ran for the presidency of the United States in 1920, as the Democratic candidate. Today, Cox Enterprise is the holding company of Cox Media Group, Cox Automotive and Cox Communications.

In 2007, after her mother’s death, Blair inherited a part of her family’s wealth, or precisely a 25% share of the media empire business. The company’s holdings include 17 television stations, 86 radio stations, 15 newspapers and the car auction companies Manheim and These comprise the still growing net worth of Blair.

However, although a co-owner of this enormous enterprise, Blair doesn’t deal directly with its operation. Her brother, Jim, is the chairman of the board and her aunt, Anne Cox Chambers is the largest shareholder and a member of the board as well. The company has been estimated to be worth $15 billion, and Parry-Okeden herself was named the world’s 110th richest person, after inheriting the wealth. In spite of her breathtaking net worth, Blair dislikes being put in the spotlight, leads an almost anonymous life with her family in Australia, and has never been interviewed by the press. She is formally listed as a school’s councilor on the Scone Grammar School’s website.

Regarding her private life, the information available to the public are few. Blair is known as a reclusive philanthropist. Among her other donations, she gifted a sum of $2 million to the University of Hawaii to endow a professorship at the university’s Center on Aging. Parry-Okeden was married to Simon Parry-Okeden, the son of the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW director and they have two children. Blair currently resides on a large property called Rockview Station.

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