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May 4, 2023
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Jane Therese Curtin was born on 6 September 1947, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. She is an actress best known for being an original cast member of the comedy show “Saturday Night Live”. She was also a part of “3rd Rock from the Sun”, and “The Librarian” film franchise; all of her efforts have helped put her net worth to where it is today.

How rich is Jane Curtin? As of mid-2016, sources inform us of a net worth that is at $3 million, mostly earned through a successful career as an actress. Aside from film and television, she is also known for performing in Broadway plays and various other theatre performances. Jane also lends her voice in the narration of audio books. As she continues her career her wealth will also likely continue to rise.

Jane Curtin Net Worth $3 Million

Curtin attended and matriculated from the Convent of the Sacred Heart, Elmhurst Academy in Rhode Island. She then went to Elizabeth Seton Junior College, obtaining an associate degree before going to Northeastern University – she started her work as a US Committee National Ambassador working for UNICEF while at Northeastern. After a year or so, she decided to pursue a career in comedy, and subsequently dropped out of college. She first joined a comedy group called “The Proposition”, before getting a chance to act in a play entitled “Pretzels”.

Jane then became a part of the original cast of “Saturday Night Live”, staying with the show for five years and playing various female roles. One of her most popular sketches was portraying Prymaat a Conehead who was mother/wife of the Conehead family. After she left “Saturday Night Live”, she pursued a career in television, firstly with Susan Saint James for the series “Kate & Allie”. Her performance there gained her two Emmy Awards for Best Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. Seven years after the run of “Kate & Allie”, she then became a part of “3rd Rock of the Sun” alongside Kristen Johnston and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. She also started doing voice work such as narrating the documentary series “Understanding” for two episodes. Other series she was a part of include “Crumbs” and “Unforgettable”. All contributed steadily to her net worth.

Aside from her television career, Jane has appeared in a few films such as “How to Beat the High Cost of Living”. The cast of “Saturday Night Live” also reunited for the film “Coneheads” based on the sketches and characters they had made famous. She’s also seen in “I Love You, Man” and “The Heat”. Curtin also made a few theatre appearances during this time, including in “Our Town”, “Love Letters” and “Noises Off”. She received a lot of recognition playing in “Jeopardy! Million Dollar Celebrity Invitational” winning $250,000 for charity. Aside from these, she has done hosting work, appearing in several times for the Emmy Awards, once for the American Comedy Awards and the Golden Globe Awards.

For her personal life, Jane married Patrick Francis Lynch in 1975 and they have a daughter. They currently reside in Sharon, Connecticut. Jane is the cousin of actress Valerie Curtin, and her uncle was Joseph Curtin who was a radio personality.

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