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July 12, 2023
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The British reality television personality and businesswoman Lisa Jane Vanderpump-Todd has, over the course of her career as a reality television star and restaurateur, accrued an estimated net worth of $65 million. Vanderpump-Todd owes much of this considerable sum to her status as the co-owner of her and her husband, Ken Todd’s, chain of restaurants. Over the years, however, Lisa Vanderpump-Todd has also found success as the star of several reality television series, including her most recognizable role as one of the longest-standing regulars of the Bravo reality television series “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” – where Vanderpump-Todd appears alongside fellow lead stars Kim Richards, Kyle Richards and, until recently, Taylor Armstrong (who departed from the series in 2013). Between her success as a reality television personality, and her restaurant business, Lisa Vanderpump-Todd’s net worth needs little else to explain it.

Lisa Vanderpump-Todd Net Worth $65 Million

Born on 15 September 1960 in the city of London in England, UK, Lisa Vanderpump-Todd had quite the prestigious upbringing. Set on a career as an actress from a very young age, Vanderpump-Todd began to receive tuition in drama and acting when the future reality television star was just nine. Lisa’s acting debut came in 1973, when she appeared in the British romantic comedy “A Touch of Class” alongside lead actress Glenda Jackson. However, while Lisa Vanderpump-Todd would continue to act throughout much of her childhood and adolescence, and even into her adult years, she never quite moved away from smaller guest-roles in various television series – and hence, Vanderpump-Todd’s acting career does not appear to have contributed much to her current impressive net worth. If that is the case, however, then where does the money actually come from?

The answer to that is fairly simple. By 1982, a 21-year-old Lisa Vanderpump – then living in Monaco – had already met her future husband, Ken Todd. Though they had known each other for only a little over a month, the two decided to get married in the same year, and that was when Lisa Vanderpump-Todd began to help with Todd’s budding restaurant business. Back in 1982, Vanderpump-Todd and her husband owned only a single bar – and now, they have a reported 26 restaurants to their names. It was largely because of her success as a restaurateur that Lisa Vanderpump-Todd was invited to be part of Bravo’s reality show “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”. Vanderpump-Todd has remained part of the cast ever since the first season in 2010, and the show has doubtlessly contributed quite a bit to her already impressive net worth – after all, Vanderpump-Todd’s salary per episode is believed to reach up to $350 thousand.

How rich is Lisa Vanderpump-Todd? At the moment, Vanderpump-Todd’s net worth is believed to reach up to $65 million. By and large, Vanderpump-Todd has built her fortune on the restaurant business that she co-owns with her husband, and on her career as a reality television star. Lisa Vanderpump-Todd’s success in the latter capacity has allowed her to become the star of her own reality show, Bravo’s “Vanderpump Rules”.

Today, Lisa Vanderpump-Todd still lives with her husband and business partner of nearly thirty years, Ken Todd. The couple has two children together – a daughter, Pandora, and an adopted son, Max.

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