Lionel Messi Net Worth

July 17, 2023
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Lionel Andrés Messi, commonly known as Lionel Messi, is a famous Argentine football player. To the public, Lionel Messi is best known for playing in the position of a forward in one of the best and most popular Spanish football clubs “FC Barcelona”. Ever since his debut with “Barcelona” in 2005, Lionel Messi has become the instrumental player for the team.

Lionel Messi Net Worth $180 Million

Known for his agility and dribbling skills, Lionel Messi has achieved many personal milestones and broken countless world records. With “Barcelona”, Messi has won the UEFA Champions League three times, Copa del Rey twice, and FIFA Club World Cup twice. As a player, Messi was named the FIFA World Player of the Year in 2009, received the Bravo Award, Golden Boy Award and Marca Legend Award, as well as 2014 FIFA World Cup Golden Ball award for Best Player. Messi also holds the record for the most FIFA Ballon d’Or awards received, and the Guinness World Records title for most goals scored in a year.

Considered to be one of the best players in the world and often compared to a legendary Diego Maradona, Lionel Messi is a truly remarkable player, whose contributions to “Barcelona” have been immense over the years.

A popular football player, how rich is Lionel Messi? In 2013, Lionel Messi collected $21 million from endorsements for such companies as Turkish Airlines, Adidas and EA Sports. That same year he added $20 million in winnings and salary, while his annual salary in 2013 amounted to $41 million. In 2014, Messi almost doubled his winnings and salary to $41 million, and contributed an additional sum of $23 million from various endorsements. In regards to his total wealth, Lionel Messi’s net worth is estimated to be $180 million. Needless to say, most of Lionel Messi’s net worth and wealth comes from his career as a professional football player, as well as product endorsements.

Lionel Messi was born in 1977, in Santa Fe, Argentina. Messi was fascinated by football from childhood, however his medical condition, namely growth hormone deficiency, made it difficult for him to find a team that would be willing to pay for his expensive treatment. Fortunately enough, Carles Rexach, who worked as a manager at “Barcelona”, invited Messi for a try-out. Afterwards, Rexach and Messi made a deal that if he moved to Spain to play for the team they would take on his medical expenses. Messi, together with his father, moved out to live in Barcelona, where he initially started playing in the “Barcelona” Infantil B team. Messi then went on to play for “Barcelona B” team, before he joined the “Barcelona” first team in 2005.

In addition to playing for “Barcelona”, Lionel Messi debuted in the Argentina’s U-20 team in 2004, in a match against Paraguay. Ever since then, Messi has been constantly supporting his team during international tournaments and helping them secure important victories.

Outside of football, Lionel Messi has been appearing on various video games, magazines, and other media publications.

A famous football player, Lionel Messi has an estimated net worth of $180 million.

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