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April 18, 2024
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Lindsey Adam Buckingham is a musician, songwriter, singer and producer, born in Palo Alto, California USA on 3rd October 1949. He is best known as the lead guitarist and a singer with the musical group “Fleetwood Mac”. Buckingham also has a successful solo career as he released six solo and three live albums. He is famous for his guitar style and wide vocal range as well as his relationship with his former girlfriend and colleague Stevie Nicks. Lindsey was inducted into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame in 1998.

Have you ever wondered just how rich Lindsey Buckingham is? According to sources it is estimated that Lindsey’s overall net worth is $45 million, the majority of his wealth coming from his career with “Fleetwood Mac” over a period of almost 40 years, but his successful solo career has also increased his net worth significantly. Thanks to his ongoing musical career, his net worth continues to grow.

Lindsey Buckingham Net Worth $45 Million

Buckingham was born in Palo Alto, but grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, as the third and youngest child in the family. He and his brothers were encouraged towards a sporting career, but Lindsey dropped out of athletics in order to start a career in music. He studied at the San Jose State University but didn’t graduate. His musical talent was noticed by his parents while Lindsey was still a child, and by the age of 13 he became by instruments, and although he never took guitar lessons or learned how to read music, he excelled in playing the guitar and bass-guitar.

From 1966-1971, he performed as a bassist and vocalist with the San Francisco band “Fritz”. Soon after, his friend Stevie Nicks joined the band, resulting in a relationship which started five years later, when they both left “Fritz”. The Buckingham-Nicks collaboration produced seven recorded demos in 1972 and a signed contract with Polydor Records a year later. However, due to poor sales, “Polydoor” soon dropped the duo. In December 1974, when Bob Welch left “Fleetwood Mac” the band was impressed by a song from their album, and contacted Buckingham and Stevie to become new members. The next year, “Fleetwood Mac” released their eponymously titled album (1975) and it reached number one in the American charts, for the first time adding significantly to Lindsey’s net worth. Yet, it was the bands second album, “Rumours” (1977) that made them into superstars as it became one of the best-selling albums of all time. It was Buckingham’s “Go Your Own Way” that was chosen as the lead-off single, and reached the US Top Ten. All of this resulted in an even bigger increase to his net worth. The group’s world concert tour which followed was also incredibly successful, adding further to Lindsey’s growing wealth.

During the preparation of the band’s next album, “Tusk”, Lindsey started working on his solo career. His first solo album “Law and Order” was finally released in 1981, displaying Buckingham’s talent by him playing almost every instrument. He wrote and performed the songs “Holiday Road” and “Dancin’Across the USA” two years later; the first song reached 82. place on Billboard’s Hot 100. Lindsey released three more solo albums before reuniting with “Fleetwood Mac” in 1992, when president Bill Clinton asked them to perform a song he had chosen for his campaign – “Don’t Stop”. The band officially reunited in 1997, when organizing a tour called “The Dance”. Since then they have released three more albums, two of them containing live performances. As for Buckingham’s solo career, he has released six more albums, the latest one called “One Man Show” in 2012.

Lindsey Buckingham is now recognised as one of the most adept guitarist-singers of the rock era, and his membership of Fleetwood Mac one of the most enduring musically and commercially successful collaborations in the modern music industry – they are still touring and playing to huge, enthusiastic audiences.

In his personal life, apart from his relationship with Stevie Nicks, Lindsey is known for long-standing relationship with Kristen Messner with whom he has a son – the couple married afterwards in 2000, and they now have two more children. Buckingham dedicated his song “It Was You” to all three of his children.

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