Reggie Miller Net Worth

November 19, 2023
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Reginald Wayne Miller was born on 24 August 1965, in Riverside, California USA. He is a retired basketball player, best known for being a part of the basketball team called the “Indiana Pacers”. During his career Miller won various awards and titles, including J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award, Indian Pacers all-time leading scorer, USA Basketball Male Athlete of the Year and others. In addition to this, Reggie was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2012, and this only proves the fact that Miller is considered to be one of the best basketball players of all time.

If you consider how rich Reggie Miller is, it can be said that Reggie’s estimated net worth is $90 million. Miller gained the biggest part of this sum of money during his career as a professional basketball player over a career spanning more than 18 seasons. Despite the fact that Reggie decided to retire from his professional career, he still is involved in various activities, which make his net worth grow.

Reggie Miller Net Worth $90 Million

Reggie was educated at Riverside Polytechnic High School and later continued his studies at the University of California, Los Angeles. There he was a part of the university’s basketball team and contributed a lot to its wins. Step by step Reggie improved his skills and gained more experience. His career as a professional basketball player began in 1987, when the “Indiana Pacers” selected him in the NBA Draft. This had a huge impact on the growth of Reggie Miller’s net worth. Soon Reggie was able to prove that “Indiana Pacers’” decision to choose him was really worth it as Miller showed his best skills. Thanks to Reggie and his good game the “Indiana Pacers” were able to play in the NBA Finals. Despite the fact that they did not win against the “Los Angeles Lakers”, it still was a really historical event to this team. Later Reggie continued to be one of the best players of the team and it added a lot to his net worth. In 2005, after 18 years of playing for the “Indian Pacers” Reggie decided to retire from his career as a professional basketball player, having unusually played all his club career with only one team.

During his career Reggie has not only played for the “Indiana Pacers”, but has also been a part of the US National team in 1994 during the FIBA World Championship. This team was able to win gold medals and it also added a lot to Miller’s net worth. Overall, Reggie played over 1500 games during his career, a feat achieved by few other players.

As mentioned, Reggie became involved in various activities after his retirement. He has worked on such shows as “The Dan Patrick Show” and “Live with Regis and Kelly”. What is more, he has also worked as a TV analyst several times. These activities have also made Reggie’s net worth grow. There is no doubt that Miller is one of the most talented and successful basketball players of all time.

In his personal life, Reggie Miller was married to Marita Stavrou(1994-2001). All in all, it can be said that Reggie Miller has been involved in basketball for a very long time and that he has achieved some of the greatest awards during his career. Many young basketball players clearly admire Reggie and his career. Although he does not play basketball anymore, he is still involved in other activities that are in one or other way related to basketball and it only proves the fact that this sport was and will always be a part of Miller’s life.

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