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March 30, 2023
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Linda Marie Edwards was born on 4 October 1948, in New Bern, North Carolina, USA, and is a professional wrestling magnate and politician, perhaps best known as Linda McMahon for her contributions to the development of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) alongside her husband. She was the company’s president and then CEO before deciding to fully pursue a career in politics. The achievements throughout her career have helped put her net worth to where it is now.

How rich is Linda McMahon? As of early-2016, sources inform us of a net worth at $520 million, mostly accumulated through her success in the wrestling business. She’s been known to handle the ins and outs of the business contracts, publications, and partnerships. The continued success of the family has helped maintain and raise her wealth.

Linda McMahon Net Worth $520 Million

Linda grew up mainly being interested in sports like basketball and baseball. She met Vince McMahon at the age of 13, dated throughout high school, married in 1966, and then enrolled at East Carolina University, from where she would graduate with a degree in French and a certification to teach. Around this time, Vince McMahon was working as a salesman and then later joined his father’s company World Wide Wresting Federation (WWWF). They had their children in the following years, who would later be involved in the business as well.

Early in her career, Linda worked as a receptionist and translated French documents while training to be a paralegal. The couple had problems with money and even declared bankruptcy at one point. Eventually, the two helped each other in starting their own wrestling business called Titan Sports Inc. with their purchase of the Cape Cod Coliseum. Eventually they purchased Capitol Wrestling (WWWF) and started promoting the shows on national television, which was the start of the rise in their net worth.

Unexpectedly, the wrestling business flourished and had an explosive growth both in popularity and earnings. Linda became president of the company in 1993, and CEO by 1997; she was mainly interested in product merchandising and was the go-to person for negotiations. Being such a large business, the company has had a few problems, specifically with wrestlers using drugs like steroids for which they faced investigation, which they complied with, and they continued to change their policies. They also changed the rating of the show to PG, which according to Linda was a way to attract younger audiences to the show. McMahon continued to be heavily involved in the show, and was even part of story-lines and feuds that had become a trademark of their company.

By 2010, Linda became heavily involved in politics and declared her candidacy for the U.S Senate, using $50 million of her own money to fund her campaign. She managed to defeat most of her opponents but lost by 11% in the general election. She again campaigned on 2012, defeating her initial opponents before losing again in the general election. Being defeated twice in a row, Linda decided that she would be a Republican fundraiser and donor, participating in politics even when not standing for election.

In her personal life, Linda McMahon and Vince have a son and a daughter, Shane and Stephanie, who have both been involved in the wrestling industry. She’s done a lot of charitable work, mainly through the WWE, which holds a lot of fundraising and other helpful campaigns.

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