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February 15, 2023
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Born Lee Young Yae on 29 December 1972, in Mungyeong County, North Gyeongsang Province, South Korea, and is an actor, comedian, singer and TV presenter, but probably best known for his music albums “An Experience” from 1995, and “Rebirth” from 1997, and for movie projects such as “Hallelujah” (1997) and “The Picture Diary” (2000).

Have you ever wondered how rich Lee Hawi-jae is, as of late 2017? Authoritative sources estimate that, thanks to his enormous success in the entertainment industry, Lee certainly counts his net worth at over $7 millions, accumulated during his career spanning over 25 years. He is in the top five highest earning entertainers in the industry, making roughly about half million American dollars in one year, working as an MBC entertainer only.

Lee Hwi-Jae Net Worth $7 million

Hwi-Jae started his acting career after graduating from Seoul Institute of the Arts by landing a TV spot as a comedian in 1992. His breakthrough came after the success of the TV program “Life Theater”, and his TV work catalog includes roles in “To Make a Man” and “Reporting for Duty”, both in 1995, “Three Guys and Three Girls” in 1998, “Cool guys” (2000-2001), “Go mom go!” (2003-2004), and “Old Miss Diary” (2004) among others. The year 2005 was a busy one concerning Lees TV work, landing roles in four TV series on different networks, “Banjun drama” for SBS, “Lawyers” and “Hello Franceska”, both for MBC and “Look back with a smile” for the KBS2 TV network.

Hwi-Jae continued to work on TV shows, starring in “The Greatest Love”, then followed up by starring on “Royal Villa” 2013, finally landing a role in the hit drama “My Wife’s Having an Affair this Week” in 2016, which is currently the most popular TV drama series in South Korea.

In between his TV show roles, Hwi-Jae worked steadily in the movie industry too, landing spots in nine movies by 2011; his first movie role was in “Bloody Fight for the Revenge” in 1992.

Lee has also worked on more than 30 Variety shows, starting in 1993. His first Variety show was “Life Theater” that propelled him to stardom, and some of his other shows were “Music Bank” (2000-2002), Beautiful Sunday” in 2001, “Sponge” that went from 2003 all the way to 2012, “We got married-season 1” in 2008 and ‘09, a reality show that paired Korean stars to show what life would be like if they were married, however, some of the show’s participants were couples in their real lives, and some of them did eventually get married. Regardless, all added a substantial amount to his net worth.

Lee has hosted more than 20 events too, starting in 2005 with the “11th Korea Music Awards”, and his latest was at the “2016 KBS Entertainment awards”. OtherS include “Baseball Golden Glove Award” 2007, “MBC Drama Awards” 2009, “2013 SBS Drama awards”, and the “2014 KBS Music awards”.

Regarding Hwwi-Jae’s music career, he has released two albums, and had one role in Musical Theatre – “March! Waikiki Brothers” in 2006.

Lee has been nominated for seven awards and he has won five – “Best MC Award” (with Park Mi-Sun and Kim Gura) in 2010, “Producers Special Award” in 2013, “Popularity Award” (with Hwi-Jae’s Twins with Sarang & Haru) 2014, and “Producer’s Special Award” (with Song II-Gook).

Regarding his personal life, Lee has been married to florist Moon Jeong-won since 2010; they have twin sons, born in 2015, and their sons have been appearing with Lee on his Variety show “The Return of Superman” since 2013.

Lee Hwi-Jae’s bongwan (bongwan is clan system in Korea that is used to distinguish clans that happen to share the same family-clan name) belongs to the Jeonju Yi clan which makes him part of royal Yi family. Lee is also a 19th-generation descendant of Prince Hyoryeong, who was the second son of Taeojong of Joseon.

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