Joanna Hernandez Net Worth

April 13, 2023
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Joanna Hernandez is a reality TV star, born on 8th March 1983 in Sacramento, California, US, who came to prominence after her appearance as a replacement on Oxygen’s “The Bad Girls Club“ series in 2006. Her other notable appearances include taking part in reality TV series “For the Love of Ray J“ which was broadcast on VH1 television.

Have you ever wondered how rich Joanna Hernandez is? According to sources it has been estimated that Joanna Hernandez’s overall net worth is over $250.000, as of February 2018, acquired primarily thanks to her television appearances in various reality shows. Since Hernandez is still actively building her career, her net worth continues to increase.

Joanna Hernandez Net Worth $250,000

Raised in Sacramento, Joanna attended California State University in her hometown. In 2006 Hernandez entered the Oxygen network’s reality TV series “Bad Girls Club“ in episode 16 as a replacement for Ty, soon becoming known to the public as Joanna “JoJo“ Hernandez.  Joanna participated as a “bad girl“ in the show that focused on various verbal and physical confrontations between seven women of different backgrounds and personalities, each of whom tend to have behavioral or psychological problems. During the show, the cast lived in a luxurious mansion for three months, strictly obeying specific rules. Since the show was broadcaste in three other countries besides the USA (Australia, Sweden and The Netherlands), Joanna’s popularity gained worldwide proportions, at the same time positively influencing her net worth. Hernandez stayed until the end of the first season, and later appeared in two episodes of  the show’s spin-off series “Bad Girls Road Trip“(2007), in which she starred next to her co-stars from season 1, while visiting their hometowns and some of their former housemates.

Two years later, Joanna took part in the VH1 reality dating show series called “For the Love of Ray J“ (2009), which featured hip hop singer Ray J. This time known to the public under her nickname “Cocktail“, among 14 contestants Hernandez was declared the winner of season one in April 2009; in 2013 Joanna reappeared in an episode of Bad Girls Club season 11 called “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow“. Other than her reality show roles, Hernandez has also landed support film roles, including in “Consignment“(2007), “Ice Scream: The ReMix“(2008), and “In With Thieves“ (2008).

Despite her public persona, when it comes to her true privacy Joanna prefers to keep it away from the public – there aren’t even any rumours of romantic associations. Hernandez is a passionate human rights activist.

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