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August 27, 2023
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Shante Scott Franklin was born on the 4th April 1981, in New Orleans, Louisiana USA, and is a hip hop artist widely known under the stage name Curren$y. He was a member of the band 504 Boyz, and the founder of the label Jet Life Recordings. The artist’s net worth has been accumulated working in the entertainment industry since 2002.

How rich is the artist whose stage name is so related to wealth and money? It has been reported that the overall size of Curren$y’s net worth is as much as $7 million, with the main source of his net worth being his involvement in the music industry.

Curren$y Net Worth $7 Million

To begin with, Curren$y released his first recordings with the band 504 Boyz. They released three a studio albums beginning with “Goodfellas” in 2000, followed by “Ballers” (2002) and “Hurricane Katrina: We Gon Bounce Back” (2005), after which the band split up, and Curren$y focused on his solo career. Up to date, he has released six singles, 11 studio albums, 20 music videos, five collaboration albums and 21 mixtapes. The following albums entered the Billboard Top 100” “Pilot Talk” (2010), “Pilot Talk II” (2010), “Weekend at Burnie’s” (2011), “Jet World Order” (2011), “The Stoned Immaculate” (2012) and “Jet World Order 2” (2012).

Additionally, Curren$y is known as a very collaborative artist, known especially for his contributions alongside Lil Wayne, French Montana, Pusha T, Sean O’Connell and others. The collaboration albums are very popular among the fans of Curren$y, particularly “Covert Coup” (2011) recorded with The Alchemist and “Muscle Car Chronicles” (2012) with Sean O’Connell. On the whole, recordings have increased the net worth of Curren$y considerably.

To add more, Curren$y added to his net worth working on the short film “Pretty Girls” (2010) directed by Chris Robinson, and comedy film “Mac & Devin Go to High School” (2012) directed by Dylan C. Brown. He appeared in the main cast of the documentary film “Steps” (2014) directed and written by Andrew Litten.

An additional source of Curren$y’s net worth is his imprint Jet Life Recordings which was founded in 2011. Curren$y is also the CEO of the company which focuses on the work of hip hop artists. Currently, the company works with such rappers as Young Roddy, Street Wiz, Smoke DZA, Corner Boy P, Friend and others. On the official site of the company, Curren$y posts his video blog “The Drive in Teatre”. It has been estimated that more than three million downloads of the blog had been made by 2013. The audience of Curren$y fans is growing every day which helps him not only to become popular but also adds revenues to his net worth.

It has been reported that Curren$y went to court because the record label Dash DD172 managed by Damon Dash released a couple of his albums. Curren$y claims that he didn’t sign any contracts with the label and asks for $1.5 million to cover the damages. The court hasn’t decided the case, yet.

Concerning the private life of Curren$y, he purports to be single as of mid-2015.

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