Kwee Brothers Net Worth

May 27, 2023
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The Kwee brothers are four siblings who own and run one of the largest property and hospitality company in Singapore, the Pontiac Land Group.
Have you ever wondered how rich the Kwee Brothers are, as of mid- 2016? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that the Kwee Brothers` net worth is at a minimum of $5.6 billion – which can vary daily along with the volatility of the stock exchanges – an amount they have earned through very successful careers as the owners and managers of the Pontiac Land Group. In their string of properties, the company owns such hotels as the Ritz-Carlton Millenia and Conrad Centennial Singapore, among other luxurious buildings.

Kwee Brothers Net Worth $5.6 Billion

Henry Kwee, the father of the Kwee brothers, Kwee Liong Keng – the eldest born in 1970, the other three in successive years – Kwee Liong Seen, Kwee Liong Phing and Kwee Liong Tek, is originally from Indonesia, having migrated to Singapore in the late 1950s during the communist troubles, starting his first trading and property development company there.
Opened in 1961, the Pontiac Land Group has only been on the rise, and since its foundation has grown from a single company, to owning several other companies and has expanding its business from Asia to Europe, America and Australia. It has been responsible for construction of such buildings as The Capella Singapore, Millenia Tower, and Centennial Tower. Camden Medical Center, Capitol Piazza, ARDMORE RESIDENCe, The Collonade, The Patina, Regent Singapore, and many other in fields of residential, commercial and hospitality buildings. Most recently they have expanded the business to Sydney, redeveloping sandstone buildings in the CBD into hotels. Also, the Pontiac land Group has been hired for the construction of an 82-floor tower building in New York, USA, called TowerVerra, which has been under construction since 2014. All of these enterprises have increased the Kwee brothers` net worth to a large degree.
Thanks to their successful careers, beginning from the strong base established by their father and which they collectively inherited, the brothers have made it on to several lists compiled by the authoritative Forbes magazine; collectively the Kwee brothers are 6th richest in Singapore, 39th richest family in Asia, and they are on the 270th place on the Billionaire list, and second in Asia.
When it comes to their personal lives, little is known about them in the media, apart from the fact that all four reside in Singapore.

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