Kim Coates Net Worth

July 14, 2023
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Kim Coates is known to be a great Canadian actor and one of the richest celebrities in Canada, who has an estimated net worth valued at $2.5 million. This famous actor is known not only to Canadian, but also to American audiences, as he has appeared on screens in both countries. Kim’s net worth constantly increases thanks to his numerous performances in many movies. In just 2006 he appeared in 5 movies: “Silent Hill”, “King of Sorrow”, “Skinwalkers”, “Grilled” and “12 Hours to Live”, so no one should be doubting how Kim Coates is making his fortune.

Kim Coates Net Worth $2.5 Million

Kim Coates was born on February 21, 1958, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. In his early years and as a teenager Kim wasn’t even thinking about becoming an actor, in fact he showed little interest in movies at all. But when attending the University of Saskatchewan, he aimlessly took Drama studies as an elective course, and that was the first and the main step into an acting career. Once involved in the theatrical life, Coates immediately fell in love with this art and decided to dedicate his future career to acting. Of course, his first steps taken in the university didn’t increase Kim’s net worth at all, but at least now he was not only interested in theatre, but also had some experience too.

No one could even imagine how famous Kim Coates was going to be within a few years, and what his net worth was going to be. He rose to fame and became extremely popular thanks to his role in Broadway theatre, where he portrayed Stanley Kowalski. But this wasn’t his only notable appearance during the early years of his career – he also played Bob Murdoch in “Airborne”, Officer Rosen in “Assault on Precinct 13”, Mel Kaminsky in “A Little Help”, Carl Roderick in “Alien Agent”, White Carjacker in “Bad Boys” and even “Auggie Rose” as the main character in “Auggie Rose”. Of course, these numerous movies could only increase Kim Coates’ net worth.

During these years, Kim Coates had an ability to increase his net worth as he was nominated for some awards, such as Gemini Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Supporting Role for the ‘Dead Silence” movie where he played Theodore Handy, all of which increased attention on him as a notable actor.

Talking about his personal life, nowadays Coates lives in Los Angeles, together with his wife Diana Kimand their two children: girls Brenna and Kyla. Kim’s net worth is building up with every movie he takes part in, and it looks like that at least in the near future Kim is going to be as active in the movie industry as he has previously been – in just 2014 he is going to work with four different projects: “Last Days Here”, “A Fighting Man”, “By Virtue Fall” and “Fallout Asylum”. The movie “Robosapien: Rebooted” directed by Sean McNamara, in which Kim was performing as Niles Porter, already has become really famous in the United States, so it looks like Kim has just a great future associated with acting.

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