Kidd Kraddick Net Worth

March 3, 2024
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David Peter Cradick was born on 22 August 1959 in Napoleon, Ohio USA. Known professionally as Kidd Kraddic – a nickname given him at the youthful start of his career -, he was a noted television personality and radio host, probably best known for the radio show called “The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show” which was broadcast nation-wide. During his career, Kidd was nominated for the Syndicated Personality/ Show of the Year award and also won such award as Marconi Award and Best Radio Personality award in the Radio Music Awards.

Kidd Kraddick Net Worth $30 Million

So how rich was Kidd Kraddick? Sources have reliably estimated that Kidd’s net worth was $30 million, mainly accumulated from Kidd’s work as a radio host. His name was very popular and acclaimed among other radio personalities as well as people in the television industry. It is really sad, that his fans will not be able to hear Kidd’s voice on the radio. Let’s hope that his hard work and talent will not be forgotten.

Kidd actually grew-up in Florida, and started working in radio stations there when he was still very young. Some of the stations in which he worked include, “KAYK”, “KHTZ”, “KYNO” and “KLRZ”. Working in these stations added a lot to Kidd Kraddick’s net worth. In 1984 Kidd moved to Dallas and started working on the radio station called “KEGL”. In 1990 the “United States Junior Chamber” named Kidd as one of the “Ten Outstanding Young Americans”. This had a huge influence on the Kidd’s popularity. In 1992 Kidd started hosting his own radio show, called “The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show”, which became one of the main sources of Kidd’s net worth While creating this radio show, Kidd worked together with Kellie Rasberry, Jenna Owens, Big Al Mack and others. Although Kidd died, his show is still airing.

Kidd Kraddick also appeared in the television show, called “Dish Nation”; this also contributed to Kraddick’s net worth. What is more, Kidd created two businesses: one was called “The Morning Mouth” and the other – “BitBoard”, and in addition to this, Kraddick also had his own company, called “YEA Networks”.

Talking about Kidd Kraddick’s personal life, it can be said that he was married once, in 1986, and had one daughter with his wife, Carol. Unfortunately, the couple divorced in 2008, and Kidd wanted to marry the second time with Lissi Mullen, but he was not able to do that. In 2009 Kraddick was diagnosed with lymphoma, but he did not want to tell it to anyone. Unfortunately, Kidd died in 2013 from a heart disease while participating in one of his charity fundraisers. The world lost a very talented personality and there is no doubt that people who admired his work will remember him for a long time.

All in all, Kidd Kraddick was a very talented, hardworking and successful personality. During his career, he achieved a lot and now his name will not be easily forgotten. Let’s hope that his show will continue airing for a long time and that in this way his fans will be able to remember his work.

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