Kenny Troutt Net Worth

August 24, 2023
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Kenny A. Troutt is a Texas-based American Entrepreneur, who is probably best known for created the telecommunication firm, Excel Communication, in 1988. Born in 1948 in Mount Vernon, Illinois, this 56 years old businessman is highly regarded as a self- made person who has made a fortune in the communication industry in a very short period of time . Apart from being an entrepreneur, he is also a sports enthusiast and owns a basketball team as well.

A popular American business person and sports fanatic, how rich is Kenny Troutt as of 2015? At present, Kenny enjoys a net worth estimated at $1.45 billion. He became a billionaire after he sold his company to Teleglobe in 1998 for $3.5 billion. Apart from that, he has reinvested the profits from the sale of the company in stocks, bonds and horse farms which have all been adding further to his wealth.

Kenny Troutt Net Worth $1.45 Billion

Kenny had to come a very long way to become such a rich person. Having been born into a very poor family, he hardly had any accommodation facility and had to arrange money for his studies by selling insurance to whoever he could at a very early age. He also worked o construction sites and in restaurants to support his family. It is just because of his hard work and efforts that now he is a billionaire and a role model for those who are in search of the turning point in their lives.

Kenny took his first step in business while finishing a Bachelor of Arts at Southern Illinois University in 1970; he reputedly earned $75,000 in his graduation year, selling insurance, and then found his way into the construction business. His company certainly contributed to his net worth, but he spent most of it on his passion, horses, and soon went broke. In 1982 he headed for Texas, selling oil leases, which brought him to a net worth of $200,000, with which he founded Excel Communication in 1988. The company related to long distance communication, ultimately made its way to the top becoming 4th largest long distance carrier in America from 432nd place at the start of the operation. More amazingly, the company also became the youngest to list on the New York Stock Exchange, which was another notable record. However, in 1998 he sold this company to Teleglobe, another related company, which eventually made him a Billionaire as he is believed to have cleared $3.5 billion.

As he sold his company, Kenny had the freedom to invest in bonds, horses and other business ventures. Currently, Troutt also serves as the CEO of the company, Mount Vernon Investments Inc. which is basically owned by his family. He is also the owner of Prestonwood Farm in Kentucky, a horse breeding and racing farm which he bought in 2000. Eventually, for his keenness in horses and racing, Kenny was rewarded with a White Horse Award.

With so much passion and enthusiasm for games, this billionaire also founded America’s most indulgent and successful Youth Basketball team in 2005, known as Titans, for his son. Kenny is also a major republican donor who has contributed to American Crossroads, Rick Santorum, and Kentuckians for strong leadership.

Talking about his personal life, Kenny was apparently first married until divorce in 1982, but then married Lisa Copeland when he was 45 years old and she 29; the couple are blessed with three sons, and they currently live in Troutt’s mansion in Dallas, Texas. For now, with a present net worth of $1.45 Billion, Kenny Troutt has been living as one of the richer and more successful self-made businessmen in America.

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