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April 18, 2024
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Kenneth Joel “Kenny” Hotz is a Canadian photographer, documentary filmmaker, director, producer, screenwriter, comedian, and journalist, born on the 3rd May 1967, in Toronto, Canada, and widely known as a writer and consultant for the sitcom “South Park”, with which he has been involved in TV series over the last 10 years.

With a varied and successful career, how rich is Kenny Hotz? Sources estimate his net worth to be $2 million. A t-shirt worn by him in one of his television shows sold for $10,200 in 2012.

Kenny Hotz Net Worth $2 Million

Hotz was born into a Jewish family. He demonstrated his love of media at an early age, creating his first movie at the age of seven whilst at film camp, which was screened for television star Henry Winkler. Hotz attended high school at Forest Hill Collegiate Institute, meantime during his teenage years compiling numerous photographic essays. In 1991, he documented the Gulf War, the only Canadian photographer to officially do so. He also produced essays on Auschwitz, Needle Park, and New Year’s celebrations in Times Square. Many of his collections have been purchased for preservation by national archives.

Hotz graduated from Ryerson University in 1992 from the media arts program. He worked with his childhood friend and writing partner, Spencer Rice, on several projects in the following years, including on the short film “It Don’t Cost Nothing to Say Good Morning”, a comedy which focussed on an angry, homeless dwarf. The two also worked together to write an episode of the cartoon “Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation”, and on the 1997 documentary, “Pitch”, which features numerous celebrity cameos including Roger Ebert, Eric Stoltz, and Al Pacino. His net worth was well established.

In 2003, Hotz and Rice were given a show on the CBC Television network – “Kenny Vs Spenny” – which featured the two friends competing in a series of events, culminating in the loser having to endure some sort of humiliating ordeal at the end of each episode. The show generated controversy with several stunts, garnered various industry nominations and awards, and ran for a total of seven years, broadcast in 25 countries, and remade in several languages. The show was dubbed the eighth best Canadian show of the twenty first century by Macleans, a Canadian current affairs magazine. Hotz also created a video game to accompany the show, “Versusville”. The projects added considerably to Kenny’s net worth.

In the following year, Hotz starred in “The Papal Chase”, which documented his efforts to meet Pope John Paul II. Produced on a miniscule budget of $800, the 53-minute film featured cameo appearances by The Rolling Stones and, indeed, the Pope himself.

Hotz has worked as a consultant on the long-running US animated sitcom “South Park”. In 2008, he pitched a sitcom about laboratory test subjects, called “Testees”, which ran for thirteen episodes on FX, but was not renewed for a second season. In the same year, he cameoed in the Kevin Smith film “Zach and Miri Make a Porno”, “Degrassi Takes Manhattan”, and “Pure Pwnage”.

Recently, Hotz has been working on creating a YouTube comedy channel, has toured with Spencer Rice on a “Kenny Vs Spenny” tour, and has begun featuring on a weekly radio show. He also owns two restaurants in Canada, “The Hoxton” and “Dog and Bear”.

In his personal life, Kenny is careful to keep it private; there are rumours of him having a daughter, but no further details or of relationships.

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