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February 23, 2023
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Keith Habersberger was born on 18 June 1987, in Carthage, Tennessee USA, and is a comedian, video producer and YouTube personality, best known for his work with BuzzFeed as part of the group called “The Try Guys”. He’s been active with the company since 2014, and all of his efforts have helped put his net worth to where it is today.

How rich is Keith Habersberger? As of late-2017, sources estimate a net worth that is at $200,000, mostly earned through success in comedy and through BuzzFeed during a career of still less than 10 years. He also does freelance work, producing and editing various videos. He’s contributed numerous pieces as part of “The Try Guys”, and as he continues his career it is expected that his wealth will also continue to increase.

Keith Habersberger Net Worth $200,000

Keith attended Illinois State University, on a scholarship for French horn performance, however, he soon dropped the scholarship and joined the theatre program. During his time there, he acted with Theatre of Ted and Improv Mafia. After graduating, he started doing a lot of improve-comedy work with the group Octavarius which is based in Chicago, and also toured with the group Mission Improvable with which he appeared in festivals as well as improve tournaments.

In 2013, Habersberger decided to move to Los Angeles to continue to pursue a career in comedy. The following year, he joined BuzzFeed as a video intern for BuzzFeed Motion Pictures. He would soon continue his work with the company after his internship, and would become one of their most important members. He became a host personality, covering various events such as trends, Hollywood events, as well as becoming a prominent figure on social media. He decided to produce various satirical videos too, and his net worth started to increase thanks to his achievements.

Keith’s popularity and net worth increased even further when he joined the BuzzFeed group called The Try Guys, which was set up as a BuzzFeed comedy series starring Keith, Ned Fulmer, Zach Kornfield and Eugene Lee Yang. They began releasing viral videos which would grow and gain over a billion views across multiple social media platforms – one of their most popular videos is called “The Try Guys Try Labor Pain Simulation” which gained over 25 million views. “The Try Guys” continues to air and has released at least nine seasons. A lot of their content is unscripted; they write, produce, direct, act and shoot the series themselves. They also have another show entitled “Squad Wars” which became part of YouTube Red in 2017. Keith continues to work for BuzzFeed as a Junior Video Producer, and building his net worth.

For his personal life, it is known that Habersberger married make-up artist Becky Miller in 2017 after being engaged for more than a year. He’s very active on social media having a Twitter account with more than 173,000 followers. He also has an Instagram account with over 649,000 followers and a Facebook page with over 451,000 likes, plus a social media page on LinkedIn, on all of which Keith is very active, posting mostly comedy content.

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