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John Godwin Net Worth



John Godwin's Net Worth as of 2024
$2 Million

John Godwin was born on the 6th September 1962, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana USA, and rose to fame appearing in the reality television series “Duck Dynasty” (2012 – present) aired on A&E. John has worked in the company of Duck Commander since 2002, and has been active in the entertainment industry since 2012.

How rich is the reality television star? Authoritative sources have estimated that the overall size of John Godwin’s net worth is as much as $2 million, as of the data presented in the middle of 2016. Reportedly, Godwin earns $200,000 per episode of the reality television series “Duck Dynasty” which is popular enough to continue airing after five years. Consequently, television appearances are probably the main source of John’s net worth.

John Godwin Net Worth $2 Million

To begin with, John was taught hunting by his father, who also took the boy to duck calling contests, in one of which John met Phil Robertson, who served as a judge, and eventually John joined him on TV. In the above mentioned contest Godwin used the Duck Commander call and won third place overall. John subsequently studied at Louisiana Tech College, and after graduation, began working for Riverwood International Paper Mill, eventually for 21 years. At first, he worked at Duck Commander only in extra hours to earn a little more money, but later Robertson convinced him to work full time, so in 2002, Godwin started his full-time career at Duck Commander, which for some time was the main source of his net worth.

In 2012, the reality television series “Duck Dynasty” was launched by A&E. It focuses on the life of the Robertson family and employees, who work in the Duck Commander business. The company is based in West Monroe, Louisiana and produces various products for duck hunters. The main stars of the show are Willie Robertson, Phil Robertson, Jase Robertson, Si Robertson and other family members; two employees -= John Godwin and Justin Martin – are also in the main cast. Due to the huge popularity of the show – the premiere of the fourth season caught the attention of almost 12 million viewers – it earned more than $80 million in advertising sales in 2013 alone, as well as receiving $400 million in total revenue the same year. It should be noted that the Christmas album “Duck the Halls: A Robertson Family Christmas” (2013) released under the label of UMG Nashville was also very successful, topping the Billboard Country and Holiday charts, as well as reaching the 3rd and 8th positions respectively on the main US and Canadian music charts, eventually being certified platinum in US and gold in Canada. All these sales certainly helped boost John’s net worth.

In additionally, John Godwin has appeared in the spin-offs of the “Duck Dynasty” series, which are “Best of the Duckmen”, “The Art of Commanding Ducks”, as well as “Duckmen 7 – 11”. To summarise, appearances on television have increased the total size of John Godwin’s net worth significantly, as well as making him famous.

Finally, in the personal life of the reality television star, he married his college sweetheart Paula Archer in 1989; they have a daughter named Johanna, now a student of Louisiana Tech. They continue to live in Baton Rouge.

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Charles Saatchi Net Worth



Charles Saatchi is one of the richest and best known businessmen in the world and one of many millionaires. Saatchi’s overall net worth has been stated to be $100 million for 2014. Charles Saatchi was born in Baghdad, Iraq, but later had to move together with his family to London, UK to avoid the persecution of Jews in his home country. He was the second son in the family of four kids. As a teenager Charles was really interested in American pop culture and studied at the London College of Communication. After graduation he began his professional career as a copywriter working for “Benton & Bowles” and later started to work in tandem with an art director, Ross Cramer, and together they formed their own company called “CramerSaatchi”.

Charles Saatchi Net Worth $100 Million

They were successful and took-on employees John Hegarty and Heremy Sinclair, but true success came to Charles later. In 1970 Charles Saatchi started his business together with brother Maurice: they established “Saatchi & Saatchi” agency which had become the largest advertising agency in the world by the mid-80’s with just a huge number of high-profile clients like UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and British Airways. However, Charles and Maurice left the agency and together founded another one called “M&C Saatchi”. They took many of their important clients with them, and one of these was British Airways. Nowadays, thanks to his prosperous business, Charles Saatchi has a net worth of $100 million dollars.

To the rest of the world Saatchi is also known as one of the most famous modern art collectors. He purchased his first art work in 1969 –  by Sol LeWitt,  a minimalist from New York. His passion for paintings only grew, and in 2009 he even published the book “My Name Is Charles Saatchi And I Am An Artoholic” wherein the author answered many questions and even gave some advice about collectibles. But the book didn’t become as popular as Saatchi expected, so the author asked his personal assistant to buy a huge number of books to help his work hit some positions in bestseller charts. Later in 2009 Saatchi appeared on the BBC program “School of Saatchi” and gave many young artists a perfect opportunity to show their talent and showcase artworks: some artists even painted portraits of Saatchi himself. In July 2010 Charles Saatchi donated his Saatchi Gallery to the British public together with 200 works of art.

Saatchi’s personal life has never been very public, but he married his first wife in 1973. He had met Doris Lockhart Dibley in 1965 while working for “Benton & Bowes”. The couple lived together for the six years before marrying, but divorced in 1990.  Saatchi’s second wife was Kay Hartenstein to whom he was married from 1990-2001, and they even had a daughter together. Then Saatchi married for the third time in 2003, to English journalist, food writer, gourmet and television personality Nigella Lawson, but after public disagreements, were divorced 2013.

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Mikey Teutul Net Worth



Michael Joseph was born 26 November 1978, in Montgomery, New York State USA, and widely known as Mikey Teutul, is a reality television personality, the youngest son of Orange County Choppers founder Paul Teutul, Sr. Mikey began his working life at 14, in the family business.

So just how rich is Mikey Teutul, as of late 2017? Authoritative sources estimate that Mikey has a net worth of over $3 million dollars, largely earned  by working at his father’s and older brother Paul Jr,’s company Orange County Choppers (OCC), and Orange County Iron Works, and through his TV appearances.

Mikey Teutul Net Worth $3 Million

Little is known of Mikey’s early life or education – it seems to have always revolved around the family business. Helping out his family in his teens, theoretically he worked as Assistant General Manager. but his main duties were to answer ‘phones, and clear-up and take out the trash. He was on rare occasions given the chance to build bikes, until he was competent to build his own. He also attended events for promoting OCC.

In 2002, the family was invited to take part in a reality show, Discovery Channel’s “American Chopper”, and subsequently “American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior”, in the course of which the youngest son was thrown out of the business – the middle son is Daniel, and younger sister Cristin. The reason for Mikey’s exclusion was  that Mikey tried to be a mediator between his father and his brother, but his father seemed to be offended that his younger son did not take his side, and so threw him out of the business. During the filming of the show, Mikey was somethoing of a comedy relief to his father’s workers, and that comedy streak helped gain him popularity in TV shows. Mikey then joined his brother’s post-OCC venture, -Paul Jr  Designs – along with most of their father’s employees; obviously the work atmosphere with Paul Teutul, Sr. was not a particularly happy one. Mikey’s eldest brother Paul  Jr. was the former chief fabricator of OCC.

So actually the main source of Mikey Teutul’s wealth is not his father’s business, but the shows he eventually took part in. These have included ‘The Late Show with David Letterman”, “Late Night with Conan O’Brien”, and also “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno. The shows became very popular and Mikey’s appearances earned him a significant amount of money. To say the least, the family drama did not go without consequences – according to rumours, Mikey Teutul was suffering from an addiction problem, and consequently admitted himself to rehab, and managed to overcome the bad habits which were apparently hindering his progress in life, obviously including business.

In his life away from the businesses already referred to and the limelight of TV, Michael loves to paint, and is apparently respected for his productions, as he opened “The Wolfgang Gallery” gallery in Montgomery, New York, where he has sold or auctioned his paintings, adding somewhat to is net worth, although rumours suggest that the gallery may now be closed. Most recently, Mikey is now trying to enter the market under the moniker LLC FarQueue Products with his line of gourmet pasta sauces. Good luck, Mikey!

In his less-than-private personal life, Mikey is apparently still single – there aren’t even any rumours of romantic liaisons.

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