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December 18, 2023
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Joseph Joel Stephen Greco was born on 29 February 1972, in Long Island, New York City, New York USA. He is a television personality and actor, probably best known as the host of the reality television show “Cheaters” for 10 years.

So just how rich is Joey Greco? According to sources, Greco has earned a net worth of over $2 million, as of early 2017. His wealth has been established through his involvement in the entertainment industry, as well as through his real estate business.

Joey Greco Net Worth $2 Million

Greco grew up in Long Island. He attended Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri, graduating with a BA degree in Psychology. He then enrolled at Louisiana Tech University, earning his MA in Education/Counseling, after which Greco went on to pursue a career as a counselor. Later he found a great passion in sports, becoming a fitness trainer, and as his popularity as a fitness trainer grew, he landed a hosting job on the ESPN network’s hip-hop oriented fitness show called “Fitness Pros”, spending several years on the show during the ’90s. His net worth was well established.

Greco then made another career switch; he became interested in acting, taking some commercial acting classes. In 2002 he became the host of the popular reality television hidden camera series “Cheaters”, replacing Tommy Habeeb who had hosted the show since its beginning in 2000. The show focused on investigating people suspected of cheating on their partners, instigated by suspicious partners themselves. The team would then identify and follow the suspected cheater until enough proof was collected to confirm or deny the suspicion. The team, together with the ‘victim’ would then confront the cheater and his/her accomplice, exposing them in a dramatic segment featuring a camera crew, security and other crew members, with Greco and the confronting couple being in the center. The show became extremely popular among worldwide audiences, despite the fact that it was largely considered to be staged. For instance, in an episode in 2003 Greco ended up being stabbed by a cheating boyfriend who was exposed by the Cheaters with his mistress on a boat, later revealed by the female companion that the whole scenario was staged.

Nevertheless, the show was a reality megahit, and Greco’s performance as the its main investigator and host was quite impressive, that he remained on the show until 2012, being its longest-running host. Beginning with season 13 in 2012 he was replaced by Clark James Gable, grandson of Clark Gable. Greco has also served as the show’s co-producer, since season 10. Aside from boosting his popularity, the show significantly contributed to Greco’s net worth.

In 2010 Greco wrote, produced and hosted a pseudo-reality television series called “Ghostbreakers”, a spoof of the paranormal reality genre in which Greco receives calls from desperate individuals in conflict with supernatural forces, after which he leads his team of bold but rather dysfunctional paranormal investigators to chase ghosts. Reportedly, the show should have been picked-up by ABC, but that never happened. It briefly aired on Toutoo in 2012, and there are a few episodes available on YouTube.

In the early 2000s, Greco became involved in the film industry, and went on to appear in films such as “The Bottom Line”, “Devon’s Ghost: The Legend of the Bloody Boy”, “The Locker”, “Janky Promoters” and “The House That Drips Blood on Alex”. He has also guested in numerous television shows, and has appeared in several commercials. All added to his wealth.

In addition, Greco has pursued a career in real estate, establishing himself as an accomplished agent in the Dallas area, which has been another source of his net worth.

Speaking about his private life, there is no official information available regarding Greco’s current relationship status, but amid rumours of gay orientation, sources believe that he is still single.

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