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February 26, 2023
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Jessica Lowe was born on 21 February 1988, in American Samoa, and is a comedian and actress, best known from being a part of numerous television shows and films, which include “Blended”, “Wrecked” and “Bob’s Burgers”. She’s also done short films and has uploaded videos online, as well as being a part of projects such as “One Big Happy” and “Adult Situations”. She’s also done theatre work, but all of her endeavors have helped put her net worth to where it is today.

How rich is Jessica Lowe? As of late-2017, sources inform us of a net worth that is at $850,000, mostly earned through a successful career in acting. As she continues her career, it is expected that her wealth will also continue to increase.

Jessica Lowe Net Worth $850,000

During high school, Jessica was a part of the speech and debate society called “National League”. After matriculating, she attended Northwestern University where she started to focus and pursue acting. She participated in school productions and made her first directorial work in a show called “Mee-Ow Show” which received acclaim. She also performed in that production.

After graduating, Lowe moved to Amsterdam in 2009 and started working as a comedy writer. She also started to perform for the group Boom Chicago. During her time with the group, she focused a lot on sketch comedy and improv performances. Her work would soon open up more opportunities for her to increase her net worth; in 2011, she lent her voice in an episode of “Bob’s Burgers” which is an animated show. She got her major film debut playing the role of Ginger in “Blended” in 2014, which starred Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler. This led to more projects, and Lowe was cast in various television series such as “Man Seeking Woman” and “Backseat Bitches”, and acted in various “College Humor Originals”. Aside from these, she was a part of the short film “Adult Situations”, and also uploaded a video entitled “Drunk Yoga Instruction”. In 2015, she was cast in the television series “One Big Happy”, and one of her latest projects is the comedy show “Wrecked” which is about a group of survivors trying to survive on a deserted island after their plane crashes there. Thanks to all of these opportunities, her net worth has continued to increase.

For her personal life, it is known that Jessica was in a relationship back in high school, but nothing is known about any current romantic relationships. There have been rumors of her being linked to some of her on screen romances, but none of them have been confirmed. She’s very active on social media, with over 9,000 followers on Twitter and 12,000 on Instagram – her social media pages are updated regularly. She also has several other sketch videos and audition reels posted on the site YouTube, though they are not posted from a personal account.

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