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May 9, 2023
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Jason Michael Weaver, born on the 18th July 1979, is an American actor and singer also known as J-Weav, who became well known for his roles in the television shows “Smart Guy” and “Thea”.

So how much is Weaver’s net worth? As of early 2016 it is reported by sources to be $200,000, acquired mostly from his long career as an actor and singer.

Jason Weaver Net Worth $200,000 Dollars

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Weaver’s acting career started at a very early age – his mother Kitty Haywood, a well-known singer during her time, supported his passion in acting. At the age of 11 he got his first acting job in the made-for-television movie “The Kid Who Loved Christmas”, which paved way for more projects, including giving him the chance to work with actress Whoopi Goldberg as his director in “The Long Walk Home”, and with Oprah Winfrey as his producer in “Brewster’s Place”.

While Weaver enjoyed the minor success of his career as a kid, in 1992 his name made waves when he played the young Michael Jackson in the television movie “The Jackson’s: An American Dream”. His performance in the film catapulted his career, even earning him a Young Artist Award in the category Outstanding Young Performers Starring in a Mini-Series, and also helped his net worth.

Another project that made Weaver a household name, and well-loved by American audiences was when he worked with Brandy Norwood in the television series “Thea” in 1993. Although the series ended after only a season, his acting in the show was one of the highlights of his career. His versatility as an actor came out when he got the part as the singing voice of Simba in the Disney Classic “The Lion King”. The success of “Thea” and “The Lion King” also meant a boost for Weaver’s career and wealth. Weaver slowly transitioned through teenage roles, and he was cast in the comedy television series “Smart Guy”, which was a huge hit, with Weaver playing the character of Marcus Henderson from 1997 to 1999.

After many years on the small screen, Weaver got his first movie break in the film “Drumline” in 2002, with actor Nick Cannon. This success was followed with more memorable performances and box-office hits, with films including “The Lady Killers”, “ATL”, “Jada”, “Love for Sale” and “Diary of a Champion” which certainly helped his career and net worth.

Aside from his blooming acting career, Weaver also made time for his other passion, which is singing. In 2004 he collaborated with artist Chingy in the song “One Call Away” which became a huge hit on the U.S. airwaves.

Weaver later came back on television in the show “The LeBrons” and the made-for-TV movie “He’s Mine Not Yours”. Weaver is still active in Hollywood starring with projects including “Tax Season”, “Infidelity”, “Black-ish” and “Hope for Love” as some of his most recent appearances.

In terms of his personal life, Weaver is married to Myra, and together they have two children.

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